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How To Pick Up Women: The Modern Man’s Guide To Meeting And Attracting Beautiful Girls

Welcome to Pick Up Women.  So if you are wanting to get better at picking up women, you are going to need a few things.

You’ll need to understand what it takes, then be given some of the tools (meaning techniques and tactics to make it happen). You don’t need to listen to friends, family, or mainstream press and media. You DO need expert tips for picking up women and tactics that will get you real results. That’s exactly what you’ll find on this site.

To pick up women, to be a guy who gets the girls, you need a few things:

  1. To make the right first impression.
  2. To make her interested in you with your conversation.
  3. To be able to lead things to the number, the kiss, and the bedroom.

For this you’ll obviously need to do some work and to get some help. Lets take each of these three things in order and give you some advice that will get you started right away.

How to improve your first impression

Do you like your clothes? Chances are they suck. They probably are boring colours, don’t fit properly, and do not stand out in any way. If someone can’t really compliment them, then they aren’t working to improve your first impression.

Pick a heartthrob actor, get a ton of pics of him off the internet and rip off his clothes, the way he wears them (things like rolling up shirt sleeves or leaving 3 buttons undone), his accessories…oh and maybe his hair style. You friend here is google images:

Colin Farrell can pick up girls, trust me, so there’s a place to start if you are stuck for ideas. Fashion is covered very well in many places so this site isn’t going to dwell on it.

What isn’t covered well out there are the real dynamics of seeing that beautiful girl that you want and seducing her, picking her up, having sex with her, making her your girlfriend, making her like you….or whatever it is you’d like to do.

This stuff is covered really badly, but right here on Pick Up Women you’re gonna have a killer guide to each of these areas with nothing held back.

Onwards… First impression isn’t just about fashion, there are two other parts of it (well one in the daytime, and two if you are in a bar or club). The next part is body language. Yes there are 8m books on it, yes there are untold articles on it, and you definitely know what it is.  However, I bet your body language could be wayyy better.

Can You Pick up Women Using Body Language?

Well it’s not exactly stand right and they flock over, it’s more paving the way for a successful interaction. Attractive body-language shows 3 things:

  1. You are comfortable, relaxed, at home wherever you are.
  2. You are Alpha. Strong, manly, powerful, in charge. Think – CEO of a company walking around his offices.
  3. You don’t show weakness. Nervous smiles, nervous ticks, twitching, fiddling. Stop it! You pretty much can’t pick up women when you are doing this stuff.

That’s a basic primer to get you started with Body Language, but check out our detailed articles on it here: How to Pick Up Women Using Body Language.

The final thing that makes up first impression is understanding and manipulating social dynamics to suit your needs. Woah! What the hell does that mean? Well, when she looks at you, she is judging how you interact with other people. With other guys, with other women, with the bar staff, all of that. You can do it in the right way or the wrong way.

Now we can go very deep on this, but here are some key points:

-Don’t just stand there looking glum checking out the other girls. Just by not doing this you’ve beaten 90% of the guys in the room. We are here to pick up women, but we shouldn’t make it so obvious!

-Talk to your friends, be sociable, and animated. If you don’t find them interesting but still hang out with them, what does that say about you? If your friends don’t smile or laugh when you are talking, why would she expect an amazing conversation.

-Work the room a little bit, the doorman, the barman, the coat check girl, groups by the bar, other guys and other girls. Then you are a sociable guy vs a desperate pick up guy, or worse – a murdering girls-drink-drugging rapist crazy-man. Lets paint this picture in front of her eyes that makes her happy to meet you when you talk to her.

Okay Now it’s Time to Open Your Mouth!

If she is in to you, ignore all this advice, if she is licking her lips and staring at your mouth before you even talk to her, what you say doesn’t matter, you can move straight to seduction. IN the other 99/100 cases you’ll need to keep your verbal game on point.

Your opening line needs to ideally be something that makes her laugh but is also low-pressure and makes you easy and fun to interact with, there are plenty of great pick up lines if you get stuck for words too.

I’m going to give you an example “Are you confident enough to accept a sincere compliment?” She says “yes” then you say “Good so am I you go first”.  Good line, right? In the minutes that follow you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Don’t ask endless questions, especially if you are just going through the motions vs being interested in the answers. You need to make statements about everything she says. This is going to be your attempt to connect with her, but mainly it just takes the pressure off, otherwise she might think you’ve been interviewing terror suspects all week.
  2. Keep good eye contact, and don’t umm and errr. You will feel some pressure when you keep eye contact. Don’t be a bitch, take it! You need to man-up and be able to handle some pressure.
  3. Don’t get personal too quickly. If you’ve ever asked a girl what her name is or where she lives and she has said “why?” then you are guilty of this. Leaving just a minute or two before asking more personal questions means you’ll never have this happen.
  4. When she is talking, listen, don’t prepare the next thing that you are going to say, especially if it’s another random unrelated question.
  5. Don’t play it safe. Feel free to make your point, to say something wacky, or disagree. This stuff shows confidence and that you are being truthful. She’ll be more attracted and trust you more if you tell her you actually DON’T like Sex and the City and are soooo happy that they aren’t making it anymore!

Now for the Science Part Of Picking Up Women

Generally the conversation follows a simple 3 step structure:

  1. ”Open” in a natural, friendly, comfortable relaxed way. Do most of the talking for the first minute to avoid putting pressure on her.
  2. Personalise things a little bit. Introduce yourself, ask her plans and who she is with. Personal questions help you get to know her and avoid a purely surface level conversation.
  3. Close. Now you need to find reasons to see each other again, things you can do together that might be a good excuse for getting her number. This is how you are going to get her to put her number in your phone.

Pick up women and sex it up a bit

Now the bit I haven’t talked about is what I call escalation and it’s a key ingredient when you pick up women. Check out this video of me (Richard La Ruina) teaching some of my escalation techniques, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. This is how I pick up women in a nightclub:

So there you have it, a very nice guide to how to pick up women , make sure you actually use the advice though. Otherwise there’s no point!