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The Best Way To Approach A Woman

Did you know that there are certain techniques you can use during the approach that will increase your chances of attracting a woman?

Yep, you see most guys are happy to just run over to a girl once they’re drunk enough and say whatever comes to they’re mind… which is usually rubbish.

But with the right perfectly crafted approach, you can increase attraction, reduce the risk of rejection and make the greatest first impression possible.

It’s so annoying when we get guys asking us “Hey dude, why do I keep getting rejected when I approach a chick I like?” because, if they took a step back and looked at their approach, they would soon realise why they’re not getting a good response.

So let’s get stuck into some techniques:

Don’t scare them

If you see a girl you like and you run over to her, be gentle with the approach. If you spook them off the bat, then they will immediately feel a sense of urgency to get away from you. You should tap them slightly on the arm or shoulder like a friend would.

Approach from the side… not behind

NEVER approach a girl from behind, that’s the kind of approach creepy guys do. Always go in from the side, whilst saying something.

Stop with a “curious” question or statement

Make sure you observe the girl you’d like to approach and have something ready, so that you know exactly what to say to once you’re there. It’s best to start with a curious question or statement which gets her hooked.

Something like “Excuse me, can I just say that you’re style looks amazing.”

If she hears you say that, her little ears will perk up and she’ll feel the need to say something to you.

Never approach on the handbag side

Make sure you approach her on the other side to her handbag. There are some women who are uber aware of their surroundings and if you stop them in a busy street with you’re hand near her purse, it’s game over for you. She won’t hit you or anything, but little things like this add up to the overall interaction.

That’s it! Simple techniques right? But they will make your approaches 100 times better. Now get out there dude and start approaching like a crazy mudda fudda.

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