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Older Women BEWARE: The Easiest And Fastest Way To Attract A Cougar

It’s true, there are some guys out there who prefer the older woman. A woman that comes with sexual experience, no naive and immature concerns about life and her body, just good old fun times.

For a younger guy to attract a cougar these days, comes with slight trepidation followed by the question “Dude, how did you manage to bag a cougar?”.

If you fit into the category of “young guy, seeking middle aged woman of 30 or above” then you’re going to learn a ton of useful tips today.

Below are proven tips that will help you attract older women… forget locking up your daughters it’s the mum they need to worry about!

Adopt the right mindset

Women who are 30+ like younger guys for their body more than anything, but there’s nothing more annoying than an immature, childish brat. Which means you need to change your mindset so you can attract a woman who’s on the same level.

Lose the jealousy, childish banter and become more of a “man” who’s well grounded, mature and very spontaneous. You don’t have to be boring, just don’t act like a 10 year old.

Get some cash

Most cougars are well established in their career and have a nice income, the reason the don’t have a husband or boyfriend is because they work hard. So it’s important for you to do the same thing, stack the cash and show her that you’re already set in your career at a young age.

Do you really thing older women want to splash the cash on young guys? Come on dude, this isn’t the movies, it’s real life.

Learn some new moves… and keep it up

As I said before, women like younger guys for their physical appearance, so not only is it important to stay fit, but you also need to learn some new moves in the bedroom which keep things exciting.

Make sure you can keep your pecker up and rock her world, then there’s no chance of her getting cold feet and ditching you.

Hang out in more mature venues

Stop hanging out in bars with 18 year old girls. Aim for a more mature crowd in hotel bars, places that are known for cougars, there should be a lot of those in your town.

Remember women over a certain age have done all the clubbing and dancing like a crazy drunken fool, so they want a more chilled out place to relax and meet people.

Change your social circle (a little)

If you want to move fast and meet a ton of cougars, then you need to befriend older guys. Men who are 30 and 40 will have lot’s of women they know who are cougars. You dont have to ditch your current circle of friends, but just expand if you like.

That’s really all there is to picking up a cougar dude. It’s very easy once you get going, but everything I’ve mentioned above is proven to work.

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