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Why Improvisation Is The Best Way To Attract Women

If you’ve ever seen an interview with Russell Brand, either as him being the interviewer or talking to a journalist, you’ll see why improvisation is the most important skill you can learn and mast in pickup.

His improve skills are at the “master” level, because he’s quite honestly been fine tuning his craft for well over 10 years. Now you’re obviously not going to dedicate that much time to the art of improvisation, but you can most certainly nail the basics which will put you miles ahead of other normal guys.

Why is improv so important?

Improvisation or (on the spot banter) is crucially important for game, simply because it allows you to take a seemingly normal conversation and turn it into a mesmorising show that captivates the woman and removes all sense of logic from her mind.

She’ll be open to do anything you want, providing you use it in the right way. When I say right way, I mean making women laugh, exploring areas of conversation that aren’t normally touched upon during a normal working day and leading them to a mental space that is aligned with intense attraction.

The ability to stop a woman in the street, woo her with your improv skills and build attraction is the key to true pickup mastery. Here’s just some of what you’ll be able to achieve if you start using improv techniques:

  • Make her laugh uncontrollably (Once she finds you funny, it’s game over)
  • Captivate her and hold her attention for as long as you want
  • Remove common barriers, that lead to rejection
  • Build trust, deep rapport and attraction very quickly

Where to start

There are two ways you can begin learning improvisation…

  1. The first is to grab a book or take an online course which allows you to understand the basics and really grasp what needs to be done.
  2. The second is to take a live class, where you get to practice your skills on people and really learn the craft.

If you’re serious about getting good at talking to women, then you should try and attend a live improv class, which will speed up the learning curve dramatically.

You can usually learn the basics within about 4 weeks.

Taking improv to the next level

Let’s say you really wanted to step it up a gear and take improv to the ultimate level, like Russell Brand did. You’d need to set aside a few hours every week (at least 5) where you practice improv in a dedicated class.

Reading about popular techniques and applying those into your everyday life would also be a fantastic way of using improv in your every day life.

The bottom line is this, how god do you want to be with women? If the answer is better than most, then you should start with improv and take it from there. It’s that good!

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