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What’s The Best Way To Pick Up Girls?

One of the most (annoying) and common questions we get from guys almost every single friggin day is:

“Hey guys, I’m struggling with game and I find it difficult talking to women… what’s the best way to pick up girls?”

Now after, sighing and slapping our foreheads with anger, we simply write back…

“Hey man, it’s simple really… just use your hands :)”

Well it makes us laugh.

On a more serious note, men these days just don’t seem to want to put the work in when it comes to chatting up beautiful women. They fell as though there is some shortcut they’re missing out on that we are keeping.

Here’s the bottom line:

You need a set of ingredients, which once worked on and refined will turn you into the ladies man that you’ve always dreamed of. These ingredients have been used by every single successful ladies man, from Casanova to Hugh Hefner and everything in between.

Now before we tell you these ingredients, you need to forget abut shortcuts like fame or winning the lottery, because we don’t have any of those things and we still sleep with unbelievably hot women every week.

The best way to pick up girls (5 ingredients)

Pride - A man with pride is a man who can lose everything he has in the world, but still be proud and optimistic about life. This is a very attractive quality to have and shows women that whatever they say can’t affect them. Thus portraying that they are emotionally stable and can be the rock in any relationship.

Charisma – When you have confidence and a naturally high level of self esteem, you carry an infectious amount of charisma. It flows in and out of your conversations with women, until they become overwhelmed by your presence.

Charm – A true gentlemen just oozes charm and it’s very appealing to any woman. They will hold you in a completely different light after the charm wafts over them.

Security – Every girl wants a man to make them feel secure, some more than others but it’s biologically hard wired into every woman. So you need to start manning up to situations, take the lead more and do what a “real man” would do when the tough times come around.

Humour – The last but most important part of the ingredients. When you make women laugh, they feel relaxed around you, trust you a lot more and feel a gut level attraction towards you. So work on your punch lines, story telling and wit.

That my friend is the best way to pick up girls. Now go home (if you’re not already) adopt those ingredients and practice them on a daily basis.

….Oh and STOP emailing us the same damn question fool!

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