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Using Body Language To Attract Women – Part 2

This post is continuing our look into body language and how it can massively help with attracting and eventually picking up women.

Eye contact

Making and maintaining eye contact with a woman is very important when it comes to portraying confidence. Therefore, you have to learn how to do it properly! Please read on.

Firstly, when you make eye contact with a woman you have to ensure that she is the one to break it. This could be in a club or bar or across a room or wherever.

Strong eye contact shows that you are not scared and not self conscious, even although you are probably checking her out. If this is done correctly then she will look away with a half-smile on her face, which is a massive indicator of her interest in you.

Next, wait a few minutes before you look back. Yes, you heard correctly, DON’T look back immediately.

The aim here is to build sexual tension. Assuming that she is interested in you, she will frequently be looking back at you, looking for that same eye contact again. Instead, you need to show that you are higher value by NOT looking back. So, just chat to your friends or whatever it is that you are doing.

Now, this may seem crazy, but when you do look back at her next, you should break eye contact first this time. It is more of a fleeting glance than the initial strong eye contact. This will send mixed signals to her and she will be wondering if you are interested in her or not.

Why isn’t he looking at me! You can give her quick glances like this for a couple of minutes, which could be viewed as teasing.

Finally, give her some strong eye contact again, just like you did initially, but make sure you smile this time. If she smiles back, then you can safely assume that she’s interested and you can approach.

Another golden rule

When in a conversation with a woman always maintain eye contact. Simple. Again, this shows great confidence but also, if you are maintaining eye contact, then you can begin to spot some indicators of her interest.

One of the common attraction signals from a woman is that her pupils will dilate, which she has no control over, it is an unconscious response. Generally, the wider the pupils, then the more attracted she is.

However, you need to take into account other factors. If it is dark, or she is drunk or on drugs then her pupils will dilate too, so don’t just look for this sign on its own!

If you are looking into a woman’s eyes and you notice that they are flicking back and forth between your eyes, then this is another common indicator of interest. In a situation like this, she is trying to read you and you could even go in for the kiss at this stage.

One word of warning, it is best not to look for eye contact when you make a joke as it could come across like you are seeking approval, which is not so good.

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