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How To Build Sexual Tension Through Conversation

Continuing with the conversation skills from part 1, we are now going to look at building sexual tension.

To start building sexual tension, you firstly need to slow down when you are speaking and leave gaps; make her fill these gaps. As the name sexual tension suggests, you will need to make references to sex at some point.

So begin to make jokes, innuendos and talk about sex in a general manner. This will demonstrate confidence in your sexuality and that you’re not a “nice guy” who is afraid to show it. The key is to do it subtly, which means never make explicit sexual comments about her. Below is an example of how to cleverly introduce the subject of sex into a conversation:

You: We’re too similar. We’d never get along.

Her: Why?

You: We’d never have anything to argue about, so we’d have to make up petty little things to fight about… and I’d always win.

Her: No you wouldn’t.

You: Yes I would.

Her: No.

You: Told you, we’re arguing right already… and you started it.

Her: No I didn’t, you did.

You: Oh my god, just let it go. If you’re going to keep acting like this, I will have to break up with you.

Her: Some response.

You: Hey, but at least we’d have good make up sex.

Her: Some response.

You: Yeah, only kidding. We don’t have to get in arguments to have sex.

Sexual Banter

We have been discussing ways to build attraction through conversation and the cocky/funny approach has been mentioned several times in previous articles. This technique can be used very effectively to make “sexual banter”, which is another great way of generating attraction.

The reason that cocky/funny works so well is that it communicates all the right attitudes, beliefs, self image, comfort, confidence and power, which all are of course, attractive to a woman. Furthermore, there is no other method that will do this as quickly.

Below is a list of sexual banter lines that you should try to incorporate into the conversation whenever you can. Be warned, this is a long list that carries over into the next article:

  • You’re bad girls, aren’t you?
  • You’re a nerd/geek!
  • She’s just trying to get me into bed.
  • What’s in it for me?
  • You don’t get out much, do you?
  • (If she drops/spills/etc. something) this is why we can’t have nice things.
  • Which one of you guys would win in a fight?
  • You’re taking this way too seriously.
  • Stop flirting with me.
  • You must drive your parents crazy.
  • I’m too high maintenance for you.
  • So what else do you like about me?
  • I’m so out of your league.
  • How short are you?
  • Do your parents know where you are?
  • (To the bartender) you might want to check this girl’s ID again.
  • We should hang out some time. You can help me pick up chicks.
  • You girls aren’t tourists, are you?
  • You love it…don’t try and pretend you don’t!
  • Your ex boyfriend sounds just like me.
  • You love it when I’m all domineering.
  • I think you might make a nice friend.
  • We need to find you a man.
  • We would never get along.
  • I think you’d make a nice new girlfriend. Wait a minute. Can you cook?

(if answer is yes) Awesome.

(if answer is no) We’re broken up…but wait…

Are you rich, because I want to be a stay-at-home husband?

(if answer is yes)We’re back together.

(if answer is no) We’re broken up then, but wait…

(in a sarcastic tone) Well, aren’t you charming.

  • What did you say? Sorry I stopped listening a few minutes ago.
  • Oh, I’m sorry! Did I break your concentration?
  • Oh, so you’re one of those….
  • Have you been drinking again?
  • Are you drunk or are you always like this?
  • Did you come over here just to flirt with me?
  • Don’t get your hopes up. I’m not easy.
  • I don’t think my girlfriend would like it that you’re hitting on me.
  • Stop trying to impress me.
  • (whenever she talks about other guys) Stop trying to make me jealous.
  • Are you always like this, or just with guys you’re attracted to?

Ok so now you know how to build sexual sexual tension through conversation. It’s time to learn how to create sexual tension through body language.

2 Responses to How To Build Sexual Tension Through Conversation

  1. Brian James February 24, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    This is one area that I have always struggled with. Both you and Jerry Noble (author of Ultimate Attraction) focus on this aspect of creating attraction and it does work. However, I have found you really need to overcome your own hangups to make it happen effectively. Otherwise you come off as not comfortable in your own skin.

    • Pick Up Women February 24, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

      Hey Brian,

      You’re totally right. By learning to let go of your hang-ups, you can really impact the way you pickup women and it’s like they can sense it too. Obviously easier said than done, but it’s most certainly the most crucial part of game. If you don’t like yourself or feel comfortable in your own skin, then why would a pretty girl want to be around you? Makes no sense!

      - PUW Team

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