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How To Create Sexual Tension Through Body Language

Understanding how to create sexual tension is a fantastic skill to have when you really want to turn up the heat during a conversation with a woman.

We’ve discussed how you can build sexual tension through conversion before, but this is slightly different, because we’re going to focus on creating that intense energy through the use of body language and sub communication.

It’s not something a lot of pickup gurus talk about because it’s more advanced and not used by guys with zero game, it’s kind of picked up as you become far better at interacting with women. It’s organic game if you like, the more you pick up girls the easier it becomes.

So let’s get stuck into the instructions, learn these off by heart and use them when you can:

1. Close the proximity between you both

The fastest way to generate a sexual vibe is to get closer to the woman you’re talking to. Now you can actually do this very quickly, as long as your confidence is high and you’re feeling good.

Simply put one hand around her hip to see if she’s ok with you touching her, if she is, close the gap and put the other hand on her waist. Make sure you’re face is very close to hers as though you’re about to kiss.

2. Use sexual gestures

Use every part of your body to touch her in some way. Make sure your groin is pressed up against hers as though you’re hip to hip. It’s very erotic and sends the right message, run your fingers through her hair.

Also when you’re talking to her in a bar or club, sometimes it’s a little noisy so it’s a good idea to brush your cheek past hers when talking in her ear.

3. Keep turning up the heat

When your body is touching and you’re using your hands to touch her waist, back, legs, arms, face etc… the energy will be raised dramatically. At this point you need to keep dialing it up, always assume that you can do anything you want until she says no, that’s when you take it down a notch.

So there you have it, simple tips for creating sexual tension with women.

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  1. Julia March 1, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    How I wanna be picked up by these pick-upers! Women really need to be treated like this!

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