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The Dating Checklist: What To Do And Don’t Do On A Date

Regardless of your experience with women, dating can be a real ball ache when it comes to impressing a girl, not doing anything that will scare her off and making all the right moves  so it can lead to kissing, a deep connection and eventually sex.

Most men however seem to enjoy messing up the dating game.

They must do, otherwise why the hell would they screw it up so much right?

Well today I want to share with you a kind of checklist that you should be using when going on these dates. I’ve broken it up into three sections.

Dating do’s / don’ts breakdown

The first section: Date number one (the big one, where you need to make sure she likes you and wants to see you again… a kiss is certainly on the cards).

The second section: Date number two (equally as important, she likes you so you can start building a deep connection with her… sex is on the cards here).

The third section: Date number three (If you didn’t get laid on the second date, then this is the one. She’s into you big time if she’s agreed to come out a third time and this can mean you’re potentially looking at a girlfriend).

Date one

Don’t bring her flowers – This is not only incredibly cheesy, it’s outdated. If you’re doing this these days you’re an idiot… plain and simple.

Don’t ask her about previous boyfriends – Who cares? Why does it matter who she’s slept with or what other chumps she’s been out with, it’s all about you now.

Don’t lie to her – If you lie about something and you end up in a relationship with this girl, you’ll look like a fool.

Do touch her – Most men are afraid of screwing the first date up, so they don’t concentrate on building attraction. You must touch her, frequently.

Do be a gent – Open the door for her, pull out her chair and offer to pay. She might not want you to pay, but offer anyway.

Do act more confidently – Never be arrogant, always be confident and improve your eye contact so she knows you’re a real man.

Date two

Don’t take her to a predictable place – Keep the dates spontaneous and do something she hasn’t done before. Like visiting an aquarium, river bank etc.

Don’t ask her what she thinks of you – Just assume that she likes you, because she’s out with you again right? If you ask, it will seem needy.

Don’t make fun of her – Women are very insecure and some men show their affection by making fun of women’s insecurities. Be a sweet and kind gent, not a douche.

Do keep it positive – Only ever talk about positive things like your dreams, passions and interests in life. No one wants to know about your worries and woes.

Do increase the sexual tension – Women love sexual tension, so keep touching her keeping her body close to you and raise the attraction.

Do lead – Men are less likely to lead these days, they are too afraid of what women might think. So lead her like a real man, she’ll appreciate it.

Date three

Don’t be a wuss – Women hate men who are scared to make any moves. If you haven’t had sex yet, invite her back and tell her what you’d like to do to her.

Don’t go out for the evening – Make it as easy as possible for you to get laid. Ask her to come to yours for some food a DVD and some fun.

Don’t be too pushy – If sex in on the cards, then make sure she’s incredibly comfortable. When she’s comfortable and trusts you, you’re in!

Do create a nice environment – Make sure your bed sheets are clean, lights are dimmed, food is fresh, bathroom is spotless and it’s a place that your mum would be proud of.

Do stay safe – Make sure you have lube and protection. It makes everything more fun that way.

Do cuddle afterwards – Assuming you’ve slept with her. Make sure she feels special when she’s next to you, otherwise she’ll feel like she’s done something wrong.

So there you have it! The ultimate do’s and don’t list for the first three dates.

What are your first, second or third golden date rules?

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