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How To Develop Magnetic Confidence That Compels Women

Are you lacking confidence with women?

Everyone knows that confidence is important for multiple reasons, not only just for men but for women also. It’s comforting being around people who are confident and know what they want in life.

But, it’s a well known fact that women love men with confidence. So much so, they will feel uncontrollable urges when they are with a guy that displays high levels of confidence.

If you have just the right amount of self confidence, you’ll often find that women will naturally be drawn towards you and you’ll open up way more opportunities for yourself.

But how do you build confidence that lasts? Well there are several ways which I’m going to explain below. Once you use these, you should see a dramatic shift in your confidence and self esteem.

Also as a side note… these aren’t your normal fluffy confidence building exercises, they are hard hitting confidence boosting techniques that are designed to help you pickup more women naturally.

1. Talk to one new girl every day for 30 days

If you were to use just one thing on this list to help you gain confidence that would propel your self assurance, it would be this.

Talk to a new cute girl every single day. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, you can just give them a compliment if you like, the topic of conversation is meaningless. The whole point is to feel an adrenaline buzz each and every time you do it.

I guarantee you that this one tip, will change your life with women in more ways than you can imagine.

2. Take an improvisation class

Being able to banter with women is essential. But taking an improv class will not only make you a better conversationalist, it will also give you the boost in confidence that you need.

Interacting with other people, getting out of your comfort zone and breaking your every day (boring) pattern will do wonders for your self esteem.

3. Write down a positive affirmation and carry it with you

This is a funky one, but stay with me because it works. Take a small piece of paper (like the size of a business card) and write down the following:

Every day in every way I’m getting more and more confident.

Keep it in a place that you frequently access, like your pocket with your wallet in. Make it a point to look at that affirmation as much as you possibly can throughout the day, like you’re brainwashing your mind to feel confidence.

You won’t feel anything for the first few weeks, but the more you do it the more that message will be burned into your sub-conscious mind. As this happens you’ll begin to notice subtle shifts in your day to day life.

For example, you may get anxious when you talk to girls. One day, you’ll notice that you don’t feel that anxiety anymore and it will just hit you. Don’t think about this, just keep doing it until you feel a change.

4. Sign up for something new (that involves women)

It’s time to break you out of that discouraging comfort zone, which is slowly killing your confidence on a daily basis.

Sign up for a class in your area that will allow you to be surrounded by women. It can be a class that attracts women like DJing or it can be a class that involves women like Yoga. Either one is fine and will help you meet more women, be around women and help boost your confidence naturally.

Here’s a few ideas for you:

  • Laughing yoga
  • Salsa dancing
  • DJing
  • Bikram yoga
  • Spinning class

5. Get in shape

This is the most obvious one, but still works. When you look great, you feel great, so make it a point to exercise on a regular basis. Aim for at least 3 times per week and hit an intensity level of at least 7 every time you work out so you sweat hard.

When your body is looking good, you’ll want to show it off to women and you’ll look better in clothes etc. It’s like a domino effect, and just happens naturally.

So that’s it dude, really simple right? Confidence is an ever growing state of mind, so you have to work on it daily if you want it to grow. Here’s the funny thing though, you’ll get so wrapped up in building your confidence that women will just happen for you… it’s a wonderful thing.

Have you tried any of these techniques before? Let me know how they worked out for you…

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