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Do Looks Matter To Women?

There is no denying that looks do play a part when it comes to attraction, but fortunately for men, women are attracted to more than just good looks. Phew!

For example, most of us will have seen an exceptionally good looking guy with a hot woman and assumed that she is only with him because of his looks.

On the other hand, you will probably have seen less fortunate men in the looks department out with very hot girls, which left you wondering what’s going on there! How does that guy successfully pick up women?

The point to understand is that men fundamentally judge women by their looks, whereas, women are primarily attracted to a man’s survival value.

The first part of the above statement you probably know (assuming that you are a guy). Good looks can be translated as “physical signs of youthfulness” where youthfulness means reproductive success! This way of thinking is hard wired in men, that’s just the way it is.

Of course women do “go for” looks to a certain extent, but as a woman gets older, the more she will value other qualities in a guy, such as intellect, ambition, direction and most importantly, security, which in this day and age is achieved by having money. Simply put, it is hard wired in the female brain to seek out the most powerful male to mate with, in order to produce the strongest offspring with the best chance of survival. This can be broken down to a biological level i.e. looks, health etc. or to a social level i.e. money, popularity, power etc.

You should now be able to see that while male and female ACTIONS may be completely different, their GOALS remain the same i.e. strong healthy babies.

So, what can you learn from all of this? Well, you need to realise that looks, good or bad, only affects a woman’s initial perception of you.

You need to accept the faults you might find in your own appearance and understand that the way you look will only hold you back if you let it. We all get a particular hand dealt to us, with its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s one of the great joys in life to figure out the best way to play it.

The remaining part of this chapter will discuss quick grooming and style tips that you can easily apply to your appearance in 3 days so that you look as physically attractive as possible.

Nailing style and fashion

Firstly, the way you look and dress is important in everyday life; pople will judge you on this immediately. For example, if you wear expensive designer clothing you will be perceived to be rich, whereas, if you dress like a bum you will be perceived accordingly.

Furthermore, there is no denying women’s infatuation for fashion and the social status that it delivers. Immediately this should highlight its importance to you in the dating game and where this is leading.

When women dress up, they are not doing it to attract men, but to give themselves an edge over potential rivals (the fashion war must be between women as men have no apparent interest in this). From evolutionary psychology, we can conclude that as they have an “in built” instinct for fashion and social status, it MUST have evolved, and therefore, again is an indicator of breeding success.

Men can use fashion and style in the same manner.

Which look should I go for?

There are of course many styles and trends that you could adopt but the most suitable one for approaching and attracting women is the “preppy look”, which was originally popular in the 1980s.

The word “preppy” comes from North American private University-preparatory schools, which exudes a well-educated, rich persona; think of brands like Lacoste, Jack Wills and Ralph Lauren. A classic example of this style would be a button-down Oxford shirt, an argyle sweater, cuffed chinos and boat shoes. Women find this attractive because sub-consciously wealth and intelligence offers them security.

When you are thinking about this style, ideally, you want to keep its “luxurious” image but add your own personal touch, so that it says something about you. For example, many trendy hip-hop groups rappers have done this by wearing madras shorts, bow ties and pink Oxford shirts.

A further plus for the ‘preppy look’ is that it is a smart/ casual look so you can feel comfortable in almost any environment in which you are trying to pick up women e.g. bar, book shop etc.

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