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How To Get A Girlfriend: 3 Proven Steps For Finding A Hot Girlfriend

One of the best things about having a girlfriend is the regular sex that just keeps getting better and better… providing you spice things up every now and again. The thing is though, guys become lazy (it’s in their nature) during a relationship and fall into a deadly level of complacency.

Aside from the sex, there are MASSIVE advantages to having a girlfriend you love, so why is it so difficult for some guys to find a girl and move into a relationship?

Well it’s usually down to a series of things they are doing wrong.

Today I’m going to show you what you NEED to be doing right! Once you apply these simple steps, you’ll easily be able to get a girlfriend, I promise you, it’s very easy.

Here’s the steps…

1. Make sure you’re you have options

Having multiple women on the cards is the best thing you can ever do. It’s great for your confidence, the vibe you give off to other women (you’re not as needy) the energy you project (more positive and healthy) it’s just a great way to get comfortable around women.

What it also does is allows you to be the one in control, weighing up your options on who is the best girl.

2. Let girls think that you’re “a catch”

A very attractive quality to have as a man, is to be desirable by other women. Which means making them think that you’re a great “catch”. When they think this, you will always have women interested in you, wanting to tie you down into a relationship, so this again puts you into the driving seat.

How do you make women think you’re in demand? Simple… get more options, establish yourself in a career that pays well, live on your own, look after your body, become smarter and work on your confidence.

3. Don’t settle

Let’s say you come across a stunning girl, but you think her personality isn’t quite up to parr. You should never ever settle for a girl that isn’t 100% percent what you’re looking for. Only get into a relationship if you’re completely and utterly happy with her.

So that’s it player, just four steps to finding a girlfriend andĀ settlingĀ into a cozy relationship.

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