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How To Know When She’s Ready To Be Kissed

Have you ever been in a situation with a girl, where you weren’t sure whether she wanted to be kissed or not? Most guys have and it can be incredibly frustrating because you really just want to dive in, but you can’t in case you get rejected or you scare her off.

So today I want to take you through some simple steps that will enable you to tell whether a girl is ready to be kissed. Once you understand these steps, you’ll be able to go in for a kiss and not be hit with rejection.

1. Keep strong eye contact

Eye contact will help with making her feel comfortable and also show that you’re confident, so make sure you keep that eye contact whenever you’re talking to her. Don’t shy away from locking eyes, it’s incredibly important that you do this.

2. Look at her lips

You need to put the thought in her head that you want to kiss her, so keep looking at her lips, then back up to her eyes. Whether she notices this consciously or unconsciously, she will notice you looking and the thought will be planted in her mind.

3. Touch her softly and affectionately

Keep touching her throughout conversation, in the pickup community this is known as using “Kino” which stands for kinesthetic touch. The more you touch her in a warm and affectionate way, the more comfortable she will feel around you and thus be more willing to kiss you.

4. Slow down and be seductive

Kissing is a sensual and seductive thing, so you need to match that mood by being more seductive in the way that you speak. Slow everything down, your mannerisms, voice, eye contact and even the way you speak so that everything feels relaxing and passionate. This is the last step before the big one.

5. Go in for the kiss

Providing you’ve done everything above, you should be able to go in for the kiss, if you’re really good at the steps above then she’ll probably be the one kissing you first.

So there you have it, that’s how you can tell if a girl is ready to be kissed or not.

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