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How To Pick Up Asian Women

Asian women are some of the finest looking women in the world. They are sexy, well mannered and just very elegant, so naturally make a great girlfriend also.

Today I want to show you how to pick up asian women, because they are very difficult to pickup, especially in their own country. In fact we get more requests from guys about tips for attracting asian girls than any other type of ethnicity, simply because they are notoriously hard to pull.

Below is a handful of our secrets that we’ve accumulated over a period of a year or so that will help you attract some of the most beautiful asian women you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Ready? Cool, let’s get started…

Be direct

Asian girls are still very old school when it comes to dating, they take a back seat completely if out with a guy and are very hard to crack. The first thing to take note of is that they won’t put out on the first date, unless they are western Asian girls that is.

This means you need to meet up with them more than once to really build trust and show them that you’re a good guy. Asian women respond very well to guys who are direct, it’s something you need to keep in mind when you’re around them. Never assume that they will lead the way or know what they want, the guy really does need to take on a very dominant role in the relationship.

Use your social circle

It’s totally possible to approach Asian women on the street, however you’ll stand a very high chance of getting rejected every time you do this. The best way to meet Asian women is through a social circle, so it’s massively important that you befriend an Asian guy somehow.

Not only will they introduce you to tons of Asian women, but there will also be a social circle trust that comes with it and she will be more open to you picking her up.

Lead and she will follow

You need to be the leader from the moment you start speaking to her. Decide on everything you want to do on a date, where you want to go, the food you want to eat, entertainment etc. Asian girls are followers and don’t respond well to making┬ádecisions, especially with men so you need to lead every time you’re with her.

Learn about her culture

If you want to master the art of attracting Asian women, you must learn about their culture. If you like Japanese girls, read up on Japan, fly over their and visit some of the tourist destinations. Even pick up a few words and phrases that will show you’re eager to learn more about their culture.

Never assume that all Asian girls are the same, this is just stupid. Korean girls are hugely different to Chinese girls for example in more ways  than one. So brush of on culture and use that to your advantage.

If you apply those 4 tips, you’ll be miles ahead of other guys who keep doing the same things and get terrible results. Knowing how to pick up Asian women takes skill, so don’t expect to succeed any time soon, you need a few months practice before you can comfortably pickup these types of girls.

Do you have any experience with Asian women? If so what tips can you offer?

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