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How To Pick Up Beautiful Women

Ever wanted to know how to pick up beautiful women? Like the kind you see at a Victoria Secrets runway show or the glamour model that only attracts footballers.

Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to get these girls… it won’t be easy, but it will be very worth while when you bag a hottie that most other guys would give their left nut for.

There are some seriously stunning women in this world and they can do whatever they like.

What do I mean by that? Well, they can pretty much have or do whatever they please simply because they are beautiful. If you go to London, beautiful women drink for free and get into the best clubs, same thing in New York and other major cities.

Beautiful men have life pretty much handed to them on a silver plate, they get modeling gigs out of the blue, they don’t really need to work on their physique because it’s natural and they certainly never chase after men.

So the question that’s all on our lips is… how the hell do you attract and pickup hot women?

If only the answer was that simple, we’d be banging the best looking chicks around. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as some make it out to be. In fact, you’ll need to work hard on your inner and outer game before rocking one of the Victoria Secrets models on your arm.

However, it’s not impossible and even an ugly short fat guy can get one of the beauties if he follows the right guidelines.

How to pick up beautiful women in a reasonable amount of time

Ok so, we want to attract the finest women out there and to do that you need to show that you are a high value male, because she’s a high value female.

To do this we need to work on several areas. Now before we get into it, not all these areas are necessary, but if you had them all you would be a super dude.

High paying career

Money isn’t everything, but in a world run by capitalism… it pretty much is. If you want to secure a hot tottie then you need to have a little dosh in the bank. I’m not talking millions, but if she wants a weekend away in France, then you’d better be ready to splash the cash.

It’s not giving into what she wants, it’s showing her that your a secure man who is a provider. Obviously don’t let her take advantage of your money, but definitely treat her every once in a while.

Good taste in fashion

Women can tell a high quality cut bespoke suit jacket from an off the peg Wallmart special. They will respond better if you dress with style. This does mean spending a bit of money on high quality items, so again this goes back to having some cash to spare.

Very good at networking

You need to be a great networker, which means you should be not only helping others out with connecting them with people you know but also making yourself known in your industry as an expert in your field. It’s a very attractive quality to a woman and shows that you’re a go getter, who can look after himself.

A social circle of powerful people

When you are surrounded by powerful like minded people, you will naturally start to find beautiful women hanging around you more. This can be in various places like nightclubs, bars, social gatherings, private parties etc. You will be introduced to stunning women by your friends and half the game is played for you.

Toned and lean body

You appreciate beautiful women for their body and looks, so why not give them something in return by making yourself look good? You want them to be turned on in the bedroom and happy with you as their man, so it’s important to work out when you can and create a body that makes her horny for you.

Alpha male qualities

Alpha males rule in nature, they get the best women, eat the best food, have amazing friends around them and live incredible lives. Make sure you start displaying alpha male qualities which will massively help you get girls.

So there you have it, that’s how to pick up beautiful women. Like I said before, it’s not easy but it sure is worth it when you have a sunning girl on your arm.

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