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How To Pick Up Women Fast… The 3 Minute Method

Let’s face it, we’re all in a hurry these days, so being able to pickup women fast is a skill set that would be awesome to have right?

Imagine being on your lunch break during work hours, finishing up and heading back to the office for the last part of the day. As you’re walking back you notice a beautiful woman coming towards you…

You stop her, get her laughing, chat for no more than a minute or two and get her number.

You head back to the office with a smile on your face, knowing you’ve just closed a hottie outside while the other guys are all complaining about how slow the week is going and how they can’t wait for a beer or Friday.

Sound like something that you’d be interested in? Awesome, let’s get a wiggle on and I’ll show you exactly what to do and say:

Ok, so using the example above, let’s break down the interaction…

1. The approach

As the girl is walking towards you in the situation, you don’t need to approach her. But you do need to have te correct body language, make sure you’re looking straight at her, with a slight smile on your face, a tilted head (as if your curious about something) and an open mind.

2. The open

Once she is in front of you, say the following:

YOU: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
HER: Yeah, sure
YOU: I’m just on the way back to the office and I couldn’t help but notice how cute you look, if I didn’t come over and say something then I’d seriously be beating myself up about it for the rest of the day…
HER: Awwww, thanks

3. The close

Now before you go in for the kill, you need to build a little rapport and then close, always mentioning the time constraint so she is aware that you’re leaving and won’t feel nervous about talking to you for ages.

Say something like this:

YOU: Do you work around here? Because I’m on this street every day at this time and I’ve never seen you.
HER: No, I’m just meeting a friend
YOU: Oh right, cool… you look and sound like your Swedish (always assume, never ask, it keeps things interesting)
HER: Haha, I am. I just arrived a few days ago and I’m here for the summer
YOU: Awesome, well listen I need to get back to work but we should meet up sometime this week for a drink… (again assuming and leading)
HER: Yeah, that sounds great
YOU: Cool, what’s your number, I’ll call you now so you have mine (calling her phone on the spot, ensures you have a real number)

So you take the number, call it and then end the conversation with “Ok, I’ll text you later and we can arrange something…”

That whole interaction will take no more than 3 minutes in the real world. Trust me I’ve done it hundreds of times.

That’s how you pick up women fast!

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