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How To Pick Up Women In Bars: Unleash The Social Animal In You

The most common place a pickup will take place is in a bar or nightclub, but for many guys these are also the toughest environments to run your game.

Not only do you have more confident, better looking and social guys competing against you, your mindset is constantly battling against you as you go through the motions of the evening.

Today we want to show you exactly how to pick up women in bars. Once you’re done reading and understand what works, you’ll be pumped because now you’ll stand a chance against the real players and be able to pick up the girl that every guy looks at and wishes they could pull.

Are you ready dude? Awesome, let’s get started then.

Social dynamics

Picking up women in bars starts with social dynamics, that’s the biggest thing to remember. Yes, it’s totally possible to pick up chicks on your own and we also advocate that. However, if you have the dynamics of your group setup correctly, the results will be incredible.

Your group of friends needs to consist of the following:

  • A good looking guy – Used as the bait to attract and entice women.
  • A funny guy – Used to hook the women and make them feel comfortable, also keep the energy high.
  • A successful guy – Used to bankroll certain nights in high-end bars and attract the best looking women.
  • Pretty wing girls – Used to even out the group and allow for other women to compete against them. You don’t want to have sex with this girls, you only want to use them for pulling other girls.
If you can organise a group like this, your game will be on top form whenever you step inside a popular and trendy bar.

Dress sense

You need to learn how to dress properly, It’s the second most important item on the list. Once you know how to dress you’ll start getting compliments from women, you’ll look much more attractive, you’ll feel more confident and you’ll just notice things naturally feeling a lot easier for you.

For a bar environment you need to be wearing smart casual clothes. So a shirt, jeans, polished shoes, suit jacket and a hanky in your top pocket.

Spontaneity and good vibes

Lastly, you need to be the centre of attention (in a good way of course). People need to be looking over at you and thinking to themselves “who is that guy? I need to meet him”. When you have this kind of vibe around you, women will just gravitate towards you and they won’t be able to help themselves.

3 Rules for picking up girls in bars

  1. If something bad happens, like a drink is spilt over you, someone shouts at you etc. Just keep having fun and don’t think about the bad.
  2. Be sociable and speak to every girl that you fancy. By talking to more women, you look like a fun sociable guy.
  3. Have a good time and dance. It’s horrible when you see a guy just standing on one spot for the entire night, nothing will happen if you do this.

So that’s how you pick up women in bars my man.

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