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How To Pick Up Younger Women – Simple Tips For Older Guys

Let’s face it, men age a lot slower than women do.

Not only do women HATE this fact, they resent it (understandably) when a guy tries picking up a younger women… kind of like a trade in, or part exchange.

Men of a certain age, let’s say early 30′s all the way up to early 40′s have a desire for that younger woman with a killer suple body, minus the baggage and who’s insanely wild in the bedroom.

Today, we want to show you exactly how to pick up younger women so you can truly live the Hugh Hefner lifestyle and experience what it’s really like to have a young hunny bouncing on you lap… without paying her ;)

How to pick up younger girls in 5 steps:

1. Get out of your old man ways

Women that are in their early 20′s like to party, live life in a free spirited kind of way and not have too many worries (otherwise known as¬†responsibilities) which means you need to be of the same mindset OR you need to find a chick that likes the slower paced life, taking things easy and not caring about partying too much.

2. Re-arrange your social circle

Take a step back for a moment when you’re next out in a bar or social environment with your friends. What does it look like? Are your friends all around the same age?

If so, then you need to mix things up a bit. In pickup the easiest way to get laid and meet new women is by having a rock solid social circle, so it’s important that you start befriending younger guys who can introduce you to younger girls… simple!

3. Stay up right and solid bro

Yes we’re talking about the bedroom. Young women like sex and are willing to give that good stuff up on a frequent basis, so if you want her to stay interested in you, you need to learn some new moves and most importantly keep that bad boy stiff.

4. Get in shape and kick the flab

It’s not attractive when you’re overweight or carrying a few extra pounds, some girls might like that but most of them don’t. So with that you need you get your arse to the gym and pump some iron. You don’t need to look like Arni, but you need to tone up.

5. Surprise her

Younger girls have less worries, so they get bored more easily. You should be¬†spontaneous¬†and surprise her with new experiences that she might not expect from younger guys. Like taking her for a romantic weekend break, or treating her to a spa session. Young guys just want to get laid, so they won’t be thinking of things like this.

That’s pretty much it bro. Knowing how to pick up younger women is damn easy… oh and having a little money helps too :)

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