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How To Tell If A Girl Wants To Have Sex

Have you ever been in the position where you have a girl back at your place, you’re both sitting on the edge of your bed and you don’t know whether you should make a move or not… or if she’s even into you enough to have sex.

Understanding whether a woman is ready to have sex with you, can sometimes be a very tricky question as a lot of women throw out random sexual signals followed by illogical pre-wired responses, that counteract her sexual advances.

Today I want to show you which sexual signals you need to watch out for, that once read will allow you to take a girl to bed very quickly and completely demolish any type of last minute resistance.

Ready? Cool, here’s what you need to ask yourself during the evening…

1. Does she move away when you touch her?

If a girl responds negatively when you touch her, then this usually means that you haven’t built up enough rapport and trust, therefore she’s not ready to have sex with you. It’s important to not react to her moving away or giving you the cold shoulder, brush it off and keep trying to win her over throughout the night.

2. Have you kissed her?

Kissing is obviously a logical step before moving onto other bedroom related activities. When you’re in a club or bar, you need to make sure that you kiss her pretty early on in the evening, so you can set the tone. If she lets you kiss her, this is a very big indication that she’s into you and highly likely she’ll be sleeping with you, either that night or pretty soon.

3. Is she showing signs of sexual attraction?

Look for the basic signs of sexual attraction…┬ádilated┬ápupils, nervous and coy body language, slow breathing, playing with her hair or another part of her body nervously. If she displays any of these signs, then it’s another strong indicator that she’s ready to have sex with you.

4. What does she say when you ask her to come back to yours?

The biggest hurdle guys face when truly knowing if a girl wants to sleep with you, is asking whether she wants to come back to yours or not. The best way to do this is to keep hinting that you should go back to yours, to watch a DVD or to chill out with some quiet drinks, never ask her… always assume and hope that she’ll follow.

If she comes back with you, it’s game on and you can take that as a sure fire signal she’ll sleep with you that night.

5. Is she displaying any resistance?

Now that she’s back at yours, she may give you some level of resistance and say things like “I don’t usually do this you know” or “I don’t just sleep with random guys, I’m a good girl”. These are just her logical mind trying to make her justify the situation and letting both her and you know that she’s not a slut, which is obviously a terrible thing to be branded as if you’re a girl.

All you need to do to move past these barriers is throw the same things back at her, things like “I’m actually not that type of guy either, I don’t ever do this, but it just feels right” or “Yeah I’m the same, but I think we’ve got a good energy together”. Sounds cheesy but it does work, if you say it in the right way.

So there you have it dude! That’s how you tell if a girl is ready to have sex. Obviously if she says no and means it, don’t ever try and push her to have sex with you, that’s just wrong. But it’s totally fine to push past the predicated verbal barriers she will come out with.

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