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How To Text A Girl: Killer Tips For Text Game

How many times have you gotten a chicks phone number only to be shot down the next day by her or not even get a reply to your beautifully crafted text that you spent a good 45 minutes thinking up?

Well, if you’re anything like most guys… you probably suck too!

But don’t worry, because today I’m going to show you what you’re doing wrong AND how you can train yourself to think differently when texting girls, so she always texts you back and practically begs you to see her.

Why texting girls is SO important

Texting is possibly the laziest thing you could ever do in terms of attracting women and arranging to meet up with them at a later date. It’s super fast, easy to do and works on so many levels.

Once you know how to text a girl, you’ll be able to get her horny, arrange a date, get her to come over to yours, keep her interested and get her to call you. It’s like mind control when you know what you’re doing.

What most guys do WRONG

Many men are pathetic when it comes to text game and fall under the “chump” category that quickly turns women off.

Here’s just some of what they do wrong:

  • Act way too needy and ask questions that seek approval
  • Crack wise ass jokes that aren’t funny and just make you look like a dweeb
  • Leave it too long and expect the girl to be into you still
  • Run out of things to say which makes her think you’re boring
Any of those sound familiar? Yep, you’ve more than likely done some… if not all of those at some point.

What to text a girl

Ok so what should you text a girl? Well there isn’t a one size fits all answer, but here’s a small selection of tips that you can use based on the phase you’re in.

Just met

So you’ve just met her, managed to get the number and it’s been a few hours already. Here’s what you should text:

Hey [name], cool meeting you today… (touch on something funny you spoke about during your conversation) Listen, we should hook tomorrow for a drink tomorrow, are you free at 7pm?

This text let’s her know that you remember her name, you’re a funny guy and you don’t waste time.

Flirting sexually

You need to turn up the sexual tension, so that she feels attraction towards you. The best way to do that is by saying something like this:

So what’s the naughtiest thing you ever done in public? I bet I can beat you… x

This will firstly appeal to her flirty side and secondly intrigue her because now she’s wondering what the naughtiest thing is that you’ve done. Make sure you keep up theĀ flirtingĀ until you meet in person.

When you should text her

The rule of thumb for timelines are simple. If you’ve just met and you like her, text her that same day. If you’re texting back and forth, space each text out by around 20 to 30 minutes and leave some longer pauses throughout the day.

You don’t want to be too eager, but you always want to leave a short enough period of time to keep the banter and flirting going.

So that’s it, some killer text game tips on how to text girls.

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