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Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Hang Ups Before Getting Good With Women

Do you feel as though you’re not getting any better with women? Like you’re putting in all this effort in only to get knocked back again and again, stuck in the same position you’ve always been in?

Well it’s usually because you’re thinking far too much about the wrong things.

Most guys have these muddled up thoughts about how they look, how they sound, why they suck, why women don’t like them… you know small hang ups that are re-enforced every minute of every day, which leads to them believing they are those things or they can’t change.

This is why you HAVE to let go and deal with your mental hang ups before you can work on your game piece by piece.

Today I want to run you through a few mental exercises that you can do to release those nasty negative thoughts from your mind once and for all, so you can move on with your life.

Here’s the kicker though… it’s important that you work on these exercises every day and stick with them until you no longer have the mental blocks that you’re experiencing now. Make sense?

Cool, let’s do it playa.

1. Understand that you can’t change the past

Let’s say that in school you plucked up the courage to talk to the hottest girl in the entire class (heck, the entire school). It took you like 6 months to work up enough balls and you’ve finally decided that today is the day!

So you see her coming into school and you walk over, palms sweaty and knees shaking. She sees you making eye contact and you stop right in front of her, you open your mouth and say “Erm, hey Sarah… erm, I just wanted to…. erm, I thought you might like to… erm, maybe…. if you’re not busy… erm go to the cinema with me this weekend?”

To which she responds “Hahahahah, are you kidding me? You’re joking right? Why would I go out with you?”

Ok so that was pretty brutal and it does happen. But guess what? That was just one of life’s crappy experiences that you learned by and need to move on from. Now what could you have possibly learned from that situation?

Obviously that Sarah is a bitch :)

But aside from that. This experience just needs to be filed under the “Who gives a f*ck” category which you leave just under your shoe. It’s something that cannot be changed, in fact it doesn’t need to be changed… it’s done, so leave it in the past and move the f*ck on!

2. Write down what you think is stopping you

Take a sheet of paper and write down every little thing you can think of that you believe is holding you back with meeting women.

Anything from lack of confidence to a bad child hood… write everything down.

Ok so with that same list, you need to go through each issue and cross it out. Next to that crossed out issue, you need to swap it with something positive.

For example you might have:


  • I get really nervous around girls.


  • I’m incredibly confident around women, they feel comfortable around me and can trust me.

Even though at first you might think this is total crap, you’re planting a very important seed which is going to nurture the more you work on it.

3. Write down your positive attributes

Now grab another piece of paper and write down everything that you think is positive about you. I know what you might be thinking… “Dude, I can’t think of anything positive about me” which is total BS!

You might be a great listener, very loyal or even very great in bed.

Think for around 5 minutes of anything great about you… trust me if you dig deep enough you’ll find something.

Right, now we’re are getting somewhere. The next step is to partner your new beliefs with your positive attributes, for example:

New belief

  • I’m very confident around women.

Positive attribute

  • I’m a great listener and women seem to trust me.

4. Focus on feeling happy, moving forward and taking names!

Ok then. You’ve got your new beliefs, you’re feeling good. The last step is to build upon that feeling and keep adding to it on a daily basis.

As soon as you wake up in the morning… read your list. Before you go to bed… read your list. Keep brainwashing your mind with the good / positive beliefs until your old negative beliefs vanish.

So there you have it, seems very simple write? Well it is, but that’s the beauty of it. If you focus on scrubbing out your old beliefs and replacing them with new ones on a daily basis, you’ll be a completely different person around women and women will naturally be attracted to you.

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