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8 Ridiculously Stupid Mistakes Men Make With Women

Don’t worry fellas, we’ve all been there.

Those crazy little lovable chicklets we call women are seriously hard to figure out.

So we decided to put together a list of things guys tend to do wrong most around women, each mistake weakens their game, which is why it’s important to stop doing them when you consciously notice yourself slipping.

Take note…

You are too needy

When you meet a smoking hot girl, STOP being so needy. Women aren’t attracted to guys that whine and stomp their feet or do what ever the girl wants them to do. They want a REAL man, the kind of guy that says no to her when he feels she’s wrong.

You place women on a pedestal

If you met a Victoria Secret’s model (Adriana Lima for example) would you be yourself around her, just like you are with your mates? If the answer is no, why the hell not? She’s just another hot girl, she has no special talents, she doesn’t cure cancer, she’s just hot… so  treat her like a normal person.

You get jealous

Try and hold back any jealousy you have when you’re around a woman. This is a really fast way to kill any attraction she has for you. If you see a girl you like (or even your girlfriend) talking to another guy, but she isn’t openly flirting, then just be cool. It could be an old friend for all you know, just carry on like nothing has happened.

You act like a clown

Stop trying to be Jim Carrey around her, it’s not funny. Maybe it was cute when you first met, but now it’s just boring and goofy. Tone down the jokes and use them at the right times, few and far between are better than a machine gun full of crap one liners.

You misread signals

It’s crucial that you start learning about the attraction signals women give off when they are attracted to you, because if you misread them (which most men do) she’ll think you’re just like the other guys.

You ask silly questions

Why are you interviewing the poor girl? Are you going to offer her a job at the end? Then stop asking stupid questions and begin making reference points about her life, style, personality etc. Then use hooks in the conversation that keep it going.

You focus on the wrong things

If a girl says she doesn’t like something, or she makes a mistake… don’t focus on that mistake, just move passed it and focus on things that are entertaining and fun. So if she accidently nocks over a glass of wine, stop taking digs at her about it, bring the conversation up a notch and talk positively. This will help her remember you as being a happy go lucky guy.

You act desperate

Women can smell a desperate man a mile off. Get some balls and act like you don’t give a hoot. Everyone wants what they can’t have right? So if you make it easy for her to get you, where’s the challenge?

Right, so there are some awesome points for you to learn from here. Don’t screw your next encounter with a hot chick up, play it cool and remember what you need to do.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made with a woman?

3 Responses to 8 Ridiculously Stupid Mistakes Men Make With Women

  1. James January 9, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    The three dumbest mistakes I’ve ever made were…
    1) Letting myself get nervous.
    2) Being too passive during the conversation.
    3) Not even having the balls to go talk to her.

  2. John R. January 21, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    I don’t agree with all of these, every woman is different, and some woman like what other women don’t. These ppl aren’t experts who gives these tips, some women like a man who wants to be with them, and shows it. Most women aren’t used to it cause they were in bad relationships or with the wrong person. So to them it’s hard to deal with at 1st, my girl told me I was “too needy” but she always wants to get back with me so I must be doing something right.

    • Pick Up Women January 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

      Hey Johm,

      Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right, we’re not experts but we collectively have been in a ton of relationships and helped many guys with attracting more women so have come across “common” patterns with guys who get rejected with women or cause a woman to lose interest. So although this advice general, it still applies to a lot of men.

      - PUW team

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