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5 Natural Pick Up Lines (Openers) That Work

So let’s get one thing straight before we start…

Pick up lines in general DO NOT WORK on girls. The reason I want to get that out the way first is because some guys have a deluded misconception that pick up lines are the holy grail of attraction, like you’re going to say one phrase to a girl and she’s going to jump your bones within seconds.

This will never happen dude, so get over it.

However there are some natural pick up lines otherwise or “openers” because that’s what they really area, which will allow you to stop a girl, get her hooked and allow you to take things to the next level. That might be asking for her number, grabbing a coffee etc.

Ready for them? Cool, here you go:

1. Excuse me, I just wanted to stop you and say I think you’re adorable…

What it converys: This line says it all, you’re honest and genuine which is what girls seriously appreciate in a guy.

Her usual reaction: She will have a shocked look on her face, but then immediately follow up with laughter and a shy smile.

2. Hey, can I ask you a question…?

What is conveys: That you’re in need of advice and require some help. You would use this line if you can’t think of anything to say on the spot and can follow it up with anything really, directions, exactly what you’re thinking etc.

Her usual reaction: Willing to help (most of the time) but you may get the odd one that walks off ignoring you.

3. Excuse me, I saw you from over there and I had to come over and say hi, otherwise I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t…

What it conveys: Sincerity and honesty. Again something women love, it also says that you’re a little cheeky which is great.

Her usual reaction: She’ll laugh and smile, but will be incredibly shy so you need to follow up with something that will keep the conversation flowing.

4. Hey you, yeah you… how dare you walk past me without saying hello…

What it conveys: That you’re very confident and slightly cockey.

Her usual reaction: Shock and embarrassment, but shortly followed by laughter. Make sure you smile when you’re saying this line otherwise it could turn ugly.

5. Erm, excuse me I think you dropped this… (giving her a funny note from you or your number).

What it conveys: That you don’t take life too seriously and you like a giggle.

Her usual reaction: Genuine shock and then she will smile. If she’s in a hurry, she won’t stick around, but if she’s in the mood it could lead to a great conversation.

So there you have it, very natural pick up lines that will work you just need the balls to pull them off. In actual fact you could say anything you wanted really and you’d get away with it, it’s just down to how comfortable you are in front of women.

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