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4 People You Should Never Take Advice From

There are certain types of people that we are exposed too throughout life who are the people we most love and care for, however they are terrible at one thing… giving advice on dating girls.

Today I want to run through the four most common types of guys and gals that you should NEVER listen to when it comes to picking up chicks. If they try and give you any kind of advice, you need to run, very very far!

Mum or dad (parents)

Bless them, mum and dad are in most cases lovely people. They care for you and are always the first to give advice on life and everything else in between.

Unfortunately they are THE worst at giving advice on women, not only are they out of touch with the dating scene, they are only basing their advice on what happened when they were younger, so it’s just not current enough. Sorry ma and pa!

Friends who don’t get laid

Every group of guys has a selection of characters that resemble something out of American Pie. You have the guy who women woo after and fall in love with at the drop of a hat, he’s always got a girlfriend or a chick on the go.

Then you have the guy who everyone likes but no one sleeps with but he has a ton of female friends (who needs those), then there’s the guy who sleeps with everything that moves and lastly the guy who looks great, sounds great but just rarely gets laid and has very few or no female friends (this is you).

So out of that bunch, you shouldn’t listen to the guys who don’t get any action… obviously.

Girl friends

Having a girl as a friend is a great way to even out the testosterone in your life with all your guy friends and they can offer great advice on certain things. But they offer horrendous advice when it comes to dating more women… why? It’s because they are giving you the female perspective.

The female perspective on dating is very irrational and they will be speaking based on their emotions and feelings, not from a point of getting laid. If you want to get into a long term, cozy relationship then a woman’s view might be a good one.

Guys already in relationships

In your circle of friends, the guy (mentioned above) who always seems to be in a relationship may seem like the best bet for advice, but he’s even more out of touch than you, because he’s fallen into a comfort zone of regular sex and not needing to impress anyone anymore.

So who should you listen to?

Only listen to guys who are doing what you want, which is to get laid. If you have a friend who is always pulling women and seems incredibly happy, then you should try and model him. Ask him what he does to get so many women, what advice he’s got for you and then implement that advice straight away.

So there you have it, those are the types of folks you shouldn’t listen to if you want to get more women.

What bad advice have you been given by a friend or person you know on getting more women?

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