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Why Using Openers For Picking Up Girls Works

Have you ever used an opener to initiate a conversation with a girl? Of course you have and they can work wonders if you say the right thing.

One confusion a lot of guys have is, they seem to think that openers are the same as pick up lines. This is untrue, although they are very similar, pick up lines are deemed as cheesy on liners that are used to get a certain type of positive response from a girl. An opener is simply use to get a conversation going with a woman.

Today we want to go through a few reasons why using openers for picking up girls is a good idea and why you should be using them all the freaking time!

1. They show you have confidence

If you roll up to a chick and say a pick up line, it shows that you are an idiot. However if you use a natural opener, you are seen in a totally different light by a woman. She’ll think, “Wow, this guy has balls coming over to me…” and will usually stop and chat to you.

2. They get the conversation flowing

It’s a great way to initiate a conversation and see whether she’s the type of girl that is right for you. More often than not, you see a girl you like and build a mental picture of her that is actually nothing like real life. So if you get the initial “hello” out of the way, you’ll see whether she is cool or not.

3. They help you get over the fear of approaching

Guys hate approaching women, it’s scary. But if you have something already in your mind that you want to say to her, it’s take away a lot of the fear you have associated to approaching women.

4. They give you something to say

The most common problem men have is knowing what to say to a girl they approach. A natural opener gives you a set line that you can use whenever you like, so you’ll always know what to say and the more you do it the better you’ll get.

5. They can be used anywhere

With pick up lines, you are limited by the place because they are usually designed for clubs or bars, for example “Get your coat love, you’ve pulled”. But with a natural opener you can use them anywhere and they will work.

So that’s it dude, exactly why using natural openers for picking up girls works.

Do you have any openers that you’ve used which work?

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