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The Ultimate Guide To Phone Game For Guys

Women are beautiful creatures aren’t they?

So why is it so damn hard to speak to them on the phone?

Well, it’s because us guys firstly really hate to talk on the phone with girls (let’s face it, it’s very boring) and secondly we feel like we must say something so magical that it wow’s them into wanting to meet up with us again.

Crazy thinking.

Today you’re going to get a clear perspective on phone game, you’re going to finally understand how to talk to women on the phone, what to say and how to act… which will lead to them wanting (itching) to meet up with you again and begging you to not hang up.

Ok, maybe not begging but certainly not encouraging you to put down the phone.

So are you ready? Then let’s get stuck into the meat:

1. When should you call?

Ok, this silly rule of calling a girl two days later after you first meet is just plain ridiculous. If for arguments sake you meet a pretty girl in a bar and really want to meet up with her again, get her number and call her the very next day.

Why so soon? Because the world we live in today moves very fast, if you wait two days she’lll get bored, think of other things to do and move on with her life.

2. What time should you call?

The absolute best time to call a girl is between 8pm and 9pm on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. If you can’t call on those days, then just stick with those times in the week.

NEVER phone on the weekend. Women are busy bunnies, they will always be out doing something, the week night (midweek) is the best time to catch them off guard as they will be bored watching TV or painting their nails.

3. How long should the call last?

Well, time is precious and it’s always better to see the girl in person than it is to rant on during a phone call. The ideal time frame would be around 10 minutes, because it’s short and sweet.

However this timeframe should only apply if you’re:

  • Arranging a date – You need to leave her wanting more.
  • Just catching up – Keeping you on her mind and refreshing her feelings for you.
  • Making sure she got home – Always a nice touch once you’ve seen each other a few times.

4. Should I talk dirty on the phone?

Absolutely! This is a must. Wait until you’ve spoken on the phone at least a couple of times,  so that she becomes familiar with your voice.

The easiest way to talk dirty is to throw in sexual innuendoes here and there, so that you’re seeding the idea of having sex with you. Be playful with it.

5. Who should hang up first?

Although this sounds like a question a school boy would ask, most guys just don’t know how to end a conversation with a girl.

There is one important rule here and it’s simple.

YOU should always be the one that hangs up first by saying that you need to get on with something. So you could say “Listen babe, I’ve got someone on the other line so I’ll speak to soon OK?”.

Saying that will make her want you more, be curious about who you were speaking to and think about the next time you speak. It’s perfect.

6. How many times should you call in a week?

No more than 3 times.

It’s the perfect amount and will keep things rocking for you. She won’t get bored because the calls are short and sweet and you will always be on her mind.

7. What if she doesn’t call back?

Let’s say you got a chicks number in a bar and she said to call her soon. The very next day, you’ve decided to call her… but she doesn’t answer. What now?

Well, you should try again in about 30 minutes, but don’t leave a message.

If she doesn’t answer the second time, try again at the same time the following day. If she still doesn’t answer, then try again in a few days. If she never answers, then it’s safe to say that it’s a dud number.

So there you have it. The most burning questions guys have when it comes to phone game.

Do you have any awesome tips for phone game that have helped you?

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