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How To Pick Up Women At The Gym

The gym is probably one of the best places to pick up women. It’s full of girls working out and believe it or not, they do actually want to be picked up, however they just won’t admit it.

Think about it, they buy these skimpy sports bras, tight running pants and still do their makeup… for what? To look their best for men, so they can be picked up.

Apart from it being a great place to meet women, it’s also a very hard environment for any guy to approach a girl. It’s¬†intimidating and the thought of other people overhearing your conversation is quite daunting.

Today I want to walk you through a simple set of proven tips for approaching, attracting and closing any girl you want in the gym.

Ready? Cool, here’s how to pick up women at the gym

1. Reduce your rejection rate

Rejection is on everyone’s mind and it’s certainly at the forefront when you’re approaching women in the gym. So with this frightful thought looming over us, it’s important to eliminate as much of the rejection as we possibly can before going over. To do this, simply run through the following check list in your mind:

  • Is she wearing a ring? If yes, don’t approach, if no then move to the next point.
  • Does she make eye contact with you? If no, then she’s more interested in working out, if yes then move onto the next point.
  • Does she hover around the same areas as you? If no, then again she’s more interested in working out, if yes then she’s looking for you to speak to her.
If you tick these off before the approach, then you will massively reduce the rejection rate.

2. Smile and force interest

You need to smile at her once you make eye contact and see what type of smile she gives back. If it’s forced and giving off a fake vibe, then she doesn’t want to be approached. If she smiles and looks a little excited or coy, then she’s very willing for you to approach her.

By smiling, you are forcing the interested from her which you might not have gotten if you just kept your head down and worked out.

3. Approach with advice or help

Now that you’ve initiated interest, you need to make a move. The best way to do this in a gym, is to either ask her for some advice or offer to help, that’s it.

So if you went down the advice route, you would say something like “Excuse me, sorry to bother you but do you know how to use this machine?”. It’s not considered very manly if you ask a girl for help, but hey it’s 2012 for christ sake, who cares!

If you went down the help route, you would say something like “Hey, sorry to but in on your workout but I noticed you’re using the machine incorrectly, if you do it like this, you’ll burn twice as many calories”. She’ll love you for this.

4. Use a time constraint

Make sure you don’t stay longer than 2 minutes max. The gym is like an airport, people are their to get the job done and move on, so you can’t stand around chatting with her for long.

5. Close quickly and continue working out

If you’re feeling confident, then you should ask for her number and either continue working out or head for the showers. Say something like “Listen, I need to get a shower on go but we should meet up if you fancy it?”.

That’s it dude. You don’t need incredible game to pick up girls in the gym, it’s very easy and quick. The next time you’re there, give these tips a go and you’ll easily get a date out of it.

One thing to remember though, if you screw up the date or give off a bad impression, you’ll likely be seeing that girl around the gym for many weeks or months to come, so choose wisely.

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