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The Art Of Picking Up Girls At Clubs

I’d like to start off by saying something that guys really don’t want to hear… are you ready?

Ok, picking up girls at clubs is incredibly easy. There I said it.

For 99% of men out there, having the ability to walk into any nightclub on a busy Saturday night with your closest buddies, rocking the venue, socially dominating and walking out with the best looking chick in there is a pipeline dream.

This just doesn’t seem possible to most guys.

Well today I want to show you exactly how you can be picking up girls at clubs with ease, all by following a few simple tips which I’m about to share with you. You’re going to learn the basics of an art form.

These tips are highly effective once used and can seriously get you laid the same night with unbelievably beautiful women that you’ll be meeting in nightclubs.

Ok, so let’s get started.

1. Dress to the nines

Your fashion needs to be spot on when going on a night out. Women make a ridiculous amount of effort when going clubbing, they do everything from their hair and nails to their shoes and fake tan.

As a man, you don’t need to do this, but you should certainly focus on making an effort with your style. Wear something that will make women want to look at you, talk to you and feel attraction towards you. Maybe a hat or tie, even a waste coat or vintage belt, something that draws attention.

2. Focus on having a great time

Many guys have one thing on their mind when they go out, they want to pull. They feel a really strong urge in their stomach that makes them give of a desperate vibe, you don’t want this. It’s important to focus on having an amazing time with your friends, the rest will happen naturally.

3. Be very sociable

From the moment you step out the front door, you need to be the sociable guy. Chat to the door man, the taxi driver, the waitress, the barman and anyone else that will help you build your confidence and social skills. When women see that you’re a sociable guy, this makes them think that you’re likeable and popular, which leads to attraction.

4. Keep the energy high

In a nightclub environment you must keep the energy levels high. You should never sit down or stand in one spot, otherwise you’ll blend into the background. Get into the thick of the action, where people are dancing and having a blast, this is where women will notice you the most and want to be around you.

5. Have some openers ready

Once you see a girl you like, you should have a couple of stock openers that you use to break the ice and let her know that you’re interested. Something like “I love your style, very sexy” would be perfect for a nightclub and will make her smile.

6. Use seductive body language

The moment you start speaking to a girl you like, you must use seductive body language which heats the interaction up and makes things a lot more sexual. Slow down when you speak, keep the eye contact strong and continue to touch her.

7. Escalate quickly

Escalation is key to getting her into bed. You have to keep escalating until she says no, this means touching her, kissing her, holding her close and just being very sexual. What most guys don’t realise is that women are like a dial when it comes to sexual attraction, not an on/off switch.

You need to dial up the attraction by trying a series of things, this will make her more attracted to you and eventually sleep with you.

That’s how to pick up women in clubs, you’ll be able to either get the girls number or take her home that night. Simple.

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