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The Secrets To Picking Up Girls In College

For most young guys, picking up girls in college seems to be one of the most challenging parts of their youth. It may seem like it’s the best time of your life, but if you have zero game and can’t pluck up the courage to talk to any girls then you’re going to be miserable, whilst your pals are having all the fun.

So today I want to run through the secrets of picking up girls in college, this is the kind of stuff guys should have been using when they were in college back in the day. It’s taken us months to refine these methods so don’t take them lightly… they REALLY do work.

Here they are in no particular order:

Be the go to guy

In every college campus there is a “go to guy”. This guy knows where the best parties are, the hottest girls in college, the hookups for booze and everything anyone wants to know.

You need to try and be this guy, he’s the one that gets laid constantly because he’s in demand by both guys (who want to be around him, thus boosting his social value) and girls (who see he’s popular and want to sleep with him).

NEVER settle for one girl

If you decide to focus on one chick, it’s game over for you dude. This will kill your chances of hooking up with many different chicks. Wait at least a year before deciding to go full out on the one girl.

Plant seeds

When you’re at parties, it’s important to plant seeds, meaning your letting girls know that you’re a cool and popular guy. Speak to as many girls as you can, the later it gets into the evening the more chance you have of re-opening a lost interaction with a girl who’s more hornier and drunk than when you first spoke to her.

Do some day game

Most guys won’t do this on campus but it’s the best thing you can do. Ask girls for directions, use direct approaches, even take them for a coffee. Once you get to know them in the day between classes and studying, you can add them on Facebook and meet up at a later date, or invite them to a party.

Day game also helps you build confidence on a daily basis which women will be drawn towards.

Have multiple social circles

Join various classes and try to branch out with your social circles. Don’t stick to one, if you do this then you’re just limiting yourself to a small group of people. The more people you know, the more people you will be introduced to, thus boosting your popularity. Remember, being popular in college is the ultimate pimp juice, it’s the single biggest thing that will get you laid… regardless of looks.

Social proof is EVERYTHING in college.

Push and assume

When you’re with a girl you’ve met at a party, you should always keep pushing in a sexual way until she says no. College girls are way more likely to be open to sex than other girls, this is what college is all about! So try and escalate as quickly as you can, you’ll be surprised at what you will get away with.

So there you have it! Picking up girls in college is so damn easy, you just need a handful of techniques up your sleeve and you’re good to go.

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