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5 Steps To Picking Up Women Online – Internet Dating Isn’t For Weirdos Anymore…

So many guys have tried internet dating, only to realise that it’s the worst kind of pick up you can do, if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

For most guys, it’s a case of using something like Facebook or maybe even delving into a dating site like Match.com, uploading a few vain pictures, sending the same email to a bunch of girls and hoping that they reply.

It’s pathetic.

What I want to do today, is give you some basic but very important tips for creating a profile on a dating site that will actually get women interested enough to contact you or at least reply to your emails.

Step 1: Update your photos

Sooooo many people have terrible photos online that say all the wrong things. It’s the first impression and your photos actually say a lot about you as a person, so they need to be good.

Make sure you have a variety (at least 5) of you smiling, with other women and enjoying yourself. Don’t take stupid photos of yourself with your top off or posing in the mirror, it just says you’re an immature idiot.

2. Create a compelling intro… bulk it up

Women believe it or not actually read your bio or intro piece if they like the look of your photos, so it’s important to build interest so that they actually get in touch with you.

Be funny and serious, don’t be either or. You should make it entertaining but also short enough to read in a couple of minutes. The perfect intro piece will say what your looking for, your interests, what you’re like as a person and anything specific and non generic.

Never use things like “I’m only here for a bit of fun” or “Not looking for anything serious” as these are what scare women off. Even if you’re not looking for anything serious, you don’t need to make it that obvious.

3. Use intriguing subject lines to get in touch

When you’ve found a girl you like the look of, send her a message with a subject line that grabs her attention. Don’t use the same old overused and unoriginal lines that every guy uses like “Hey darling, how’s it going?” or “What’s up sweet cheeks?” these will get you nowhere.

Each subject line should be eye catching and relevant. So say you’re getting in touch with a blonde who describes herself as an outgoing girl that smiles all the time. You’re subject lines could read “Hey Smiler! There’s One Thing I need To Ask…”

This message next to a great profile picture will definitely get a click.

4. Keep the emails short and to the point

Each email you send should always leave her wanting more, leave her thinking about you and leave her feeling excited. What you need to do is keep them short and focused, so that you make her smile but also show her that you’re a normal guy that’s not desperate.

Drop a few subtle sexual innuendoes in there, but nothing obscene that’s going to scare her off. The most important thing here is establishing a connection but also getting her on the phone as quickly as possible.

5. Remove any traces of desperation

The last point is really making sure that there isn’t anything on your profile that would make you look like a guy who is in need of getting laid. Women know when a guy is desperate, so your profile needs to read “single but cool with it”.

Go through your pictures, bio, interests etc and see if there is anything there that doesn’t quite help you, like spelling, grammar and cheesy one liners.

So that’s it, simple but very effective tips that work. Online dating is a great way to meet women, but you need to be on your game and actually get into a routine, if you want to meet hot women.

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