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3 Proven Personality Types That Get You Laid

Women a very easy to understand, you see they are hard wired just like we are and respond well to certain personalities. These personalities display attractive qualities that get women all hot and bothered.

Today I want to give you a rundown of 3 proven personality types that once used will almost guarantee you get laid… every single time.

But here’s the thing, they are completely different to each other and don’t always attract the same type of women. So you need to either adopt one that suits your current personality or start using attractive characteristics at certain times.

Right, here we go:

1. The dick

Every girl at some point in their life will come across, date and sleep with a bad boy. These guys are the alpha males of human race and go around like they own the place.

You need to be careful if you’re this type of personality, because you’re relationships with women are usually short lived. Yes you will be sleeping with smoking hot chicks and get more action than most men can dream of, but it will be very short lived.

You see, women will get tired of your games and they will one day just settle for the nicer guy… he may be boring, but at least he offers one of the other attractive qualities all men should have – Security.

The dick usually says things like “Come on let’s go back to mine, it’s crap here” or “That body is fine girl, come here and let me get a closer look”.

2. The shy guy

Women like the shy guy on occasion. Think of him as the “romantic comedy” guy, someone like Hugh Grant. Let’s say you’re in a club or bar and you say something like “Excuse me, I just wanted to come over and say I think you’re incredibly cute and I’ve been plucking the nerves up to come over for a while now… I’m quite shy”.

She’ll treat you like a cute puppy, it will melt her heart a little because it shows sincerity. Make sure you follow the shyness up with some manly character traits though, otherwise she’ll get bored pretty damn quickly.

3. The go getter

The go getter is neither a dick or a shy person, he’s usually a little bit of both. The reason being is because he’s ambitious and strives to be successful.

Women love a guy who is ambitious and knows exactly what they want, it shows that you can offer security, be a leader and decision maker, also provide for your family.

So now you know the types of men that get laid, you need to start being one of those guys. Do you want to sleep with multiple women? Then the dick might be the best bet, do you want a long term relationship with one woman? Then the shy guy is the one for you.

Maybe you want to sleep with a variety of women but still be on good terms with each of them and be in demand, the go getter is definitely the guy for that.

Choose wisely!

What type of guy are you naturally?

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