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12 Undeniable Qualities Women Find Most Attractive In Men

How would you like to become the ultimate man?

A man that women go crazy over, the kind of man that has the perfect balance of qualities and understands EXACTLY what a woman wants.

If you’d like to become that guy… then listen up! Because you’re about to uncover the 12 most wanted qualities every woman looks for in their “Mr Right”.

But before we get into the good stuff, let’s be honest.

No one is perfect right? So take each of these points with a pinch of salt, you don’t have to master every area!

Ok, here we go.


Having rock solid confidence always starts from the inside, so you need to work on your self esteem issues. Grab some hypnosis CD’s, shout affirmations in the morning and slap a post-it note on your head with a positive message… do what needs to be done to be a confident guy.

Once you’re comfortable in your own skin, women will feel a deep level of attraction for you.

Leadership / Assertiveness

Learn how to lead and know exactly what you want in life. Never appear as though you’re indecisive or you want the girl to make the decision, it’s a massive turn off and not manly at all.

This doesn’t mean you need to be bossy, just assume and she will follow. Women like to be lead, not bossed around.

Social dominance

Ever noticed those guys on the posh looking tables in nightclubs that have like 10 beautiful women hanging around them? That’s called social dominance, it’s where you become attractive to women by being fun and entertaining.

It’s like a drug and is very addictive to them, so if you can nail this quality it will be easy for you to get laid regularly.


No one likes a douche. So don’t be one.

Be kind to women and treat them just how you want to be treated back, women are very caring and attentive creatures so they will return this kindness in bucket loads.

Protection / Security

A deep biological need for every woman is protection. You need to be able to protect her in any type of situation, obviously this dates back to caveman times, but is still very relevant in todays world.

This means physically, mentally and financially.


Are you 100% honest with women? If the answer is no, then that’s fine. There are small things you can tell white lies about, but when it comes to things that may harm your relationship, you need to be completely honest with a woman.

For example, if your’e at a strip club (only because you got dragged into one by your office co-workers) don’t tell her, it won’t go down very well, especially if it’s a one off.


This is the biggest quality that women look for. You can be funny, good looking and full of charm, but if you’re not trustworthy, then she won’t want to be with you.

If she left you alone with her best (smoking hot) friend who you knew had a crush on you, could she trust you to not do anything behind her back? She should be able to.

Sense of humour

Are you funny? If not that’s fine, you can learn how to be. But a great sense of humour is like having the most powerful drug at your disposal.

Women just cannot resist a funny and witty guy. Notice I said funny and witty, not funny and goofy. No one wants to sleep with Pauly Shaw, they all want to sleep with Vince Vaughn.


You have to have a passion for something in life, it’s very attractive when a guy knows what he wants in life and goes out to get it.

Don’t let others stand in the way of your goals and always stand behind your woman (no pun intended) when she has a goal or dream she wants to achieve.


Do you respect her? If not then your relationship won’t last long. There needs to be mutual respect for each other.


If she asks you to meet her at a certain time and place, can she count on you to be there? Being a reliable guy also ties perfectly into being trustworthy and also falls under respect.

Sense of fashion

I’ve deliberately left this until last, because it’s a quality that no one else mentions but it HUGELY important in attracting women. You must understand fashion, so that you can develop your own style and stand out from the other guys.

Women love guys who can dress well, it’s incredibly sexy.

So there you have it, the most important and attractive qualities every woman wants in a guy.

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