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Richard La Ruina – How He Ended Up Doing What He Is Doing

Richard La Ruina is better known as the “Gambler“. The reason behind why he was nicknamed a gambler dates back to the late ’90s. It was at the age of 18 that Richard had developed a knack for stock market trading. With this skill, he managed to make a good sum of money in return for his life savings, hence the name Gambler.

His upbringing

Richard did not have a very smooth upbringing, simply because he seemed to have quite a lot of trouble in socializing and academics. Born in London of Spaniard descent on the 7th of July 1980, Richard was brought up in Cambridge, where he recalls to have changed a lot of schools because he was being bullied around frequently.

The beginning

It was as if to add to his miseries, that he didn’t seem to be getting along well with women as well. He admits the fact that he had not kissed any woman until the age of 21. And so he was urged to visit the local night bars and clubs. He obviously didn’t want to be alone. It is here that he met up with various pickup artists (PUA), however, was never really guided well in approaching women. This made him realize the need for understanding the PUA techniques and training many such people like him.

PUA Training

Richard set up a new PUA Training company in 2006 and started offering services at a comparatively low cost, since he himself hadn’t gained the expertise yet. However, with the success of his 12 hour training sessions, he moved on to conduct his first ever PUA Training bootcamp.

Over the next few years, he set out to conduct more bootcamps and 24 hour events. He not only trained the men theoretically, but took them out to apply the learnings practically. With his training evolving through out, he went on to start Platinum Residential Course just a year later, which still takes place in London. This involves 7 days of training.

His first book

In November 2007, he published a book called “The Natural Art of Seduction”. The book saw a good amount of success in the UK. Hence he published an updated and revised version in the US, naming it “The Natural”. A revised version will be soon published in the UK as well. Back in 2007 he also released a number of audio and video products. He also ventured into the American market by partnering with Adam Lyons.

In the media

It was not too difficult for him to catch the attention of media. Newspapers, television and magazines have featured him quite a lot of times with a keen interest to know more about him. Although he began as a very shy guy, he then found himself more comfortable with talking and engaging with people. It was this quality that drove him to achieve excellence in training people, whilst thoroughly enjoying it.

“Approaching Confidence”, Ultimate Natural Game”, Lifestyle Seduction”, “Stealth Attraction”, “Inner Game Installed” and the upcoming “Daygame Domination” are some of his additions to audio and video products.

As of today, he has moved on to build his entrepreneurial venture by engaging more people to work for him. He still claims to be single on the quest to find his lady love and constantly innovate his PUA Training company.