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Seductive Storytelling: How To Seduce Women With Words

The ability to tell a story, that is captivating, funny and keeps the listener hooked is an amazing skill to have.

The great thing is, anyone can learn how to develop a skill like this and it doesn’t take years either. It’s totally possible to learn how to seduce women using words within a few short months.

Today I want to show you some ways that will help you develop this skill, but first I want to discuss how it can help you because some guys don’t see it as an essential skill for attracting women.

Why story telling is so important

It creates rapport

As you already know, rapport is a massive element in the area of attraction and helps you to create trust very quickly. Once a girl trusts you, it’s possible to take kiss her, take her home, see her again and requires no more work.

It fuels her imagination

By capturing her imagination, you are taking her on a journey that other guys simply can’t do. As she imagines the words you are speaking, she’ll start to use her senses and make the images very real in her mind. This is when you have her in the palm of her hand.

Don’t forget, women like to be wooed. They like the romantic side of dating, the feelings you get when you’re in love and having sex, it’s very exciting for them. So the more you understand how to tell a story, the better you will get with women.

How to seduce women with words in 5 steps

Right, so now I want to break down some tips for getting a lot better with story telling.

1. Look her directly in the eyes

Never break eye contact once you look at her and start talking. Only she is allowed to break eye contact. If you do break it, it can affect the power the story may have over her.

2. Pause between words and sentences

By pausing on certain words and sentences, you create tension which can be sexual. It also plays with her imagination as she follows along with the story.

3. Speak as though your reading a book

The best way to tell a story is by describing characters and speaking just like you would if you were reading a book. For example…

“So Frank, who was the daughter of Adam [pause] came over to me and said [pause]”…

4. Use touch to heighten the story

Throughout any story, you want to be able to touch her so that you can emphasise the story in certain parts. So when you reach a dramatic bit, you can touch her on the arm or even the face to really exaggerate the point. Women love this.

So that’s it. I promise that if you practice story telling and really captivating women, they will trust you faster and you’ll get laid more.

Do you have any story telling tips?

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