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5 Signs To Look for That Shows A Girl Likes You

How can you tell if a girl likes you or not?

Well, it’s far simpler than you might think, most men seem to be oblivious to these attraction signals and always end up missing opportunities with women.

But if you look for the subtle attraction signals all women give, then you’ll make your life a lot easier because you can actually approach the women you are certain like you, which will naturally decrease your rejection rate.

Here are the most common attraction signals to watch out for:

She moves closer towards you

Let’s say you’re with a friend in the pub and you notice a girl a few feet away from you, but you haven’t caught her eye yet.

A great way to tell if she likes you is to see whether she gravitates towards you as the night goes on, it can be within the space of 30 minutes or so, but the more she closes the proximity between you, the more chance that she’s trying to tell you that she has the hots for you stud!

She looks at you multiple times

If you manage to catch a girls eye, keep the eye contact for as long as she does. When she looks away, keep looking back every few minutes to see if she looks at you again.

If she does, then it’s game on. There’s no question that she likes you, so get over there and introduce yourself, she’s already made it clear that she wants you to.

She develops a nervous tick around you

Have you ever noticed certain things some women do with their hair by twiddling it around their fingers or flicking it constantly? Yep, that’s called a nervous tick.

If you notice a tick during your conversation with her, it means she is into you and it’s up to you to make a move. Some women may play with their jacket, shuffle their feet or even batter their eyelids multiple times, take note of certain things she keeps on doing.

She talks about anything

An interesting sign to look out for is when a girl talks about things you didn’t even ask her about, as if she’s trying to impress you in some way.

If she carries on a conversation without you having to do much on your side, then you can take that as a sure fire sign.

She invests a lot of time in you

Women will make it very clear that they like a guy if they keep coming back. Sounds pretty simple but it’s true, if she invests a lot of time in you (whether it’s on a night out or for a cup of coffee) you can bet that she’s very interested in you.

So there you have it. The most common signs of attraction women will give off.

You’ll notice that these signals aren’t that obvious, which is the nature of women they just don’t let their feelings show as much as men do, so you need to develop a keen eye.

What obvious attraction signals have women given off to you?

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