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Stealth Attraction Review – Does It Work?

Genuine stealth attraction review below, which was compiled from a series of notes over days of testing…

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Okay, so when I learnt game, I didn’t want to be stopping college chicks on the street and performing magic tricks for them. I want to be hanging with the really cool kids. I was never one in adolescence and I knew that I’d always feel like I was missing out until I experienced, first hand, for myself, what it was like to be going to the parties with the people I’d seen in magazine or read about in gossip columns. And, um, I didn’t just want to be hanging out with the cool kids, I wanted to be sleeping with them too (the girls, of course).

I’m recommending Gambler’s product to you, dear internet browser, if you feel like you’ve always wanted to be part of the top of society and doing the most exclusive things that are denied to those without money, looks, connections or fame. Gambler’s series of DVDs, I feel, really delivers and has really helped me to move my social circle to where I wanted it to me. I had always felt like I didn’t belong with the friends I met at school, great guys though they were – we just didn’t have the same ambitions in life.

Stealth attraction review: Overview

Right, enough let’s talk more about Stealth Attraction. If you want to bang glamour models and go to the best parties (which I may, or may not, do *wink*) then you need to go about it the right way. Doing stuff like asking girls whether you look gay simply doesn’t work with high-value girls in high-value venues (Stealth Attraction mostly applies to club game) because those aren’t the sort of thing that guys who bang glamour models do. Think about it. All this normal PUA stuff is just a bit weird. You might be an interesting curiosity with your furry hat and magic tricks, but you’re not going to be the sort of person an aristocrat can introduce to his friends. The kind of guys that bang glamour models are going to have super-high value and, with that, they’re going to have a certain look, a certain style of seduction, and a certain lifestyle.

Gambler teaches you, in his product, how to achieve these things. He tells you how to dress, act and feels on the inside so that you can seamlessly become the sort of person that fits into top society. He tells you how to access clubs by befriend the staff, and how to meet guys and girls in those clubs. He teaches you how to move from one club to a more exclusive club and explains that there is an implicit hierarchy you have to work up through to get there. All this is possible just by learning the right sort of game (obvious Gambler would have you believe that correct form is Stealth Attraction). My experience tells me you don’t need looks or money or whatever to get to the top girls, but you do need fantastic social intelligence and people skills to navigate your way there.

Unsurprisingly, there’s lot of that you have to do differently to game these high-end girls. I’m sure you could use this material on HB6-HB8s, but it’s more that you need to do, IMO. High-value girls are much more aware of their social standing and reputation than less hot girls, so greater subtlety is required. Gambler sets out how to tease and toy and play with these girls so that want to sleep with you, rather than going direct. In fact, in high class venues, the only people who ‘game’ as such are AFCs. Girls notice the guys that are going round and gaming girls and, as such, that’s a DLV. So you need to be subtle because high-value guys don’t need to game girls – the girls came to them, or they have a life that organically brings new girls, rather than having to go out and look for them.

When you start watching these DVDs I expect you’ll be blown away, as I was, by the amount Gambler has clearly absorbed about the social dynamics of these girls and these places. In a few hours I was able to learn, and start putting into places, the sort of lessons that have taken him a focused decade to acquire. This stuff is next-level stuff. If you want the best girls and the most exclusive lifestyle, this is how you’re going to achieve it if you’re not lucky enough to have model looks or to have been sent to Eton.

So there you have it, the stealth attraction review, I hope that was helpful.

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