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11 Style And Grooming Tweaks That Make You More Attractive

Did you know that you can make your life with women so much easier, if you just take the time to actually tweak your appearance so that you project an attractive self image?

Women as you already should know, love fashion and they find it a huge turn on when a guy has his own unique style and takes care of the way he looks.

So why is it most guys these days tend not to take an interest in their looks? Well usually it’s because of two main reasons, their ego and their impatience or laziness. They think that only gay guys like shopping and styling themselves, also they find shopping and grooming extremely boring, which is understandable.

Today I want to firstly show you how you can tweak your style without spending a ton of money and secondly how you can do this in the shortest amount of time possible.

Afterwards, you should have a solid understanding of what women find attractive in a man when it comes to style and how you can instantly boost your sex appeal just by focusing a little on your looks.


Jacket – You need to splash out on a stylish jacket, go for black or dark brown leather. Either a bomber or biker jacket will do just fine. Leather jackets are classic and they go with pretty much anything, so you’ll always look cool.

Shoes – When look at shoes before they look at your face, so a good pair of shoes will make women more attracted instantly. Go for a pair of brogues or suede loafers, both go with any look and look very fashionable.


Watch - Most guys think that you need to spend thousands on watches which is dead wrong. I’d say £500/$700 max on a watch and you won’t need to replace it for years, so it’s an incredible investment.

Go for a silver stainless steal strap with a medium sized face, not to small which is considered feminine and not to large which is considered too bling.

Sunglasses - Aviator sunglasses, without a doubt. Both square and round are a great look with all styles, so always grab a pair when the sun is shining, it just sets the look. Raybans are great and always in fashion, but you can always push the boat out on a more expensive pair, as long as you long after them, it’s money well spent.

Jewelery - The best kind of jewelry for a man is a bracelet or bangle and a thin necklace. Accessories are talking points for women because they are “attention to detail” which is a woman’s special power, they focus on detail a lot.


Beard - Most women HATE beards, but they love stubble because it’s very manly and rugged. Whenever you see an aftershave advert, the men always have stubble. So invest in a body groomer and trim your stubble to around about .05 millimetres or just above. It not only accentuates your jaw line, but makes you look more rugged and full of testosterone.

Hair - Find a style that suits you, it may take a while to find one but it’s worth it. Take a selection of hair styles you like the look of most and show them to your hairdresser (a stylist, not a barber) who will give you an expert opinion.

Tan - Don’t worry, you won’t need to hit the sun bed every day! However a weekly or bi-weekly top up migh be good, a glow is better than a pasty white face, you should even try some very mild self tanner to give you a kick. We don’t want to look orange here, just golden.

Teeth - Get your teeth scaled, polished and whitened. Should cost you no more than £500/$600 in total. But it’s another worthwhile investment. Women love a smile, so if you have a set of white teeth, it will do wonders for your confidence.

Nails - Keep your nails clean! Get a nail brush for the shower and clean them every day, it’s disgusting when you see guys with dirty nails. Also give them a trim every week, to keep them at a medium length.

Body hair - Trim your body hair with the same trimmer you bought for your beard. If you’re a hairy guy, you need to trim every 3 to 4 weeks. If you have hair in some places but not others, make sure you trim that too. Women love a little hair, because it’s manly… only the girls from Essex (for the UK) and Jersey Shore (for the US) like bald orange guys.

There you go, simply but very effective ways to boost your attractiveness through fashion.

Have any other ideas abut fashion? Let me know below…

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