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How To Take A Girl Home The Same Night

So you’re in a bar or club and you spot a beautiful girl, just standing around dancing a little and chatting to her friends.

You think to yourself “Man, she’s so hot, how the hell can I get that?”

Well to be honest it’s quite easy and today I’m going to teach you exactly how to do just that. The best thing is, the more you use this strategy… the easier it becomes so you’ll be taking girls home the same night whenever you want!

Ok, here we go:

Get in the right mindset

The mindset of a player is simple. Be cool, confident, have fun with your friends and don’t worry about women.

When you have this mindset, you’re going to project a totally different energy than a guy who is “on the hunt” so to speak.

If you’re sole intention is to sleep with a girl, then you’ll find yourself working harder than you need to and getting a ton more rejections.

So as soon as you leave your apartment, your focus should be on having a good time and good things will naturally happen because of that.

Pick the girl

So you’re in the bar or club and you’re with your friends having a drink. Have a look around and see if there are any women that give you an indication that they are attracted to you.

If there is a girl that is hot and already gives you the signal to talk to her, then that’s a great position to be in. Having said that, if you’re not getting any looks or attention from women, then you need to start forcing that attention, by catching their eye and making them laugh or chinking their glass as you walk by so they know you’re there.

Once you’ve see a girl that you think is cute and she’s already given you a solid indication that she likes you, it’s time for the approach.

Understand the situation

So what most guys do at the point of the approach is just go straight over and not think about what might happen. You need to minimise the risks, especially in a bar or club environment which is exceptionally busy.

To reduce the risks, you need to address the situation…

  • Is she with friends?
  • Are their guys in the group or are they all females?
  • How many times has she made it obvious that she likes you?
If she’s with a group of girls, then you need a wingman to help you get passed the cock block, which EVERY group has.
If there are guys in the group, then you may want to befriend them first so that they can introduce you to the girls and help build your social proof.

Approach and open

Right then, here’s the good part. Now that you’ve addressed the situation and you’re ready to approach her, head straight over (on your own, or with your buddy) and say…

“Hey, I’ve been standing over there thinking of something original to say, but couldn’t think of anything, so I’m just going to say hi instead, I’m Bob…”

She’ll usually tell you her name and now you’re in!

Flirt, build rapport and close quickly

After the approach, you need to build deep rapport very quickly. The best way to do this is to remove the girl from her group and isolate her, so you can create intense attraction quickly.

If that’s not possible then you need to try and build sexual tension right there and then.

After 5 minutes or so of talking to her, you can either buy her a drink or take her for a dance. Dancing is the best way to build a strong level or sexual tension and rapport.

If you can’t dance, then you need to learn some moves dude because women LOVE a man who can dance. It doesn’t need to be complicated dancing, just a few moves will do fine.

Continue building rapport, chatting, dancing and drinking together for 15 minutes or so. At this point you should have built a decent level of trust with her, once you’ve done this you’ll often be able to tell if she’s ready to go home with you or not.

Here’s a few things that will indicate whether she’s ready to go home with you:

  • She’s overly flirtatious
  • She let’s you get away with a lot of physical contact
  • She keeps the conversation going
  • She keeps eye contact and looks at your lips (also ready to be kissed)

Keep the energy flowing and take her home

So at this point. The energy should be good enough for you to take her home. All you need to say at this point is:

“Let’s get out of here and go back to mine…”

Never ask her, always assume. Look her directly in the eyes and say that, then start leading her out of the venue. If she says no and pulls back, then you have a little more work to do.

If she doesn’t say anything at all, then you should grab a taxi and get back to yours as soon as you can.

Last thing… keep the conversation flowing on the way home, so you can her distract logical mind from making any snappy decisions about not going home with you.

So there you have it! That’s how you take a girl home from a bar or club very quickly and with minimum resistance.

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