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11 Simple Tips And Tricks To Picking Up Women

We all want a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help us attract the broads right? Well you’re going to get just that today, then next time you’re out and you see a girl you like, pull out this list and use each tip.

Once you start to use them regularly, they will become second nature and a part of your personality… this is when you will see real results.

So let’s get started… here are 11 simple tips and tricks to picking up women.

Wear something that sparks intrigue

Girls like a guy who stands out from a crowd, but for all the right reasons. They may be taller, better looking, have an awesome sense of style, unquestionable confidence or even very fast wit.

One good way of doing this is by wearing something that is unique and looks interesting. You may get compliments, it may keep a conversation flowing, the bottom line is it helps with attraction. So something like a bracelet, cool glasses, necklace, belt… any type of accessory that makes an outfit interesting.

Flirt with your eyes and use facial expressions

Eyes are a powerful seduction tool, so use them whenever you can. Always hold strong eye contact and use quirky facial expressions that make a girl laugh or at least smile. For example, you may be walking your dog in a near by park and see a beautiful girl coming your way.

Simply lock eyes with her and give her a cheeky smile with a small nod, this should be enough to get a response back. If she smiles and nods back, then you should talk to her.

Force a reaction from her

Forcing a reaction means that you are seeing whether she likes you or not, it dramatically reduces your chance of rejection. To make this work, do something that forces her to talk to you, smile, laugh or come over to you.

So for example, you may be in a club and a girl looks at you… simply wave or wink and see what she does after. She may come over or she may smile and look away in a shy manner. But this is enough to tell whether she likes you or not.

Don’t be emotional

If a girl gives you the cold shoulder, tells you to go away or even says she’s not interested in you, this shouldn’t make you feel bad or scupper your confidence. Just file that under “Who gives a sh*t” and move on. Women can sense when a guy is emotional and will stay the hell away from you.

Make sure her number is solid

When you go for the number make sure it’s solid by calling her on the spot. There’s nothing worse than getting a girls number that you like and realising she’s given you a fake one or you’ve taken it down incorrectly.

Never ask questions… always assume

STOP asking crappy questions like “where are you from” or “what do you do for a living”. These are boring and lead to a dead end, always assume everything about her and guess to keep things interesting.

Close the proximity between you

Do you like the girl? Great, then show her you do by touching her a lot more and closing the gap between you. She needs to know that you’re not a friend, you’re a potential mate.

Pause between words and sentences

Be way more seductive with your words. The easiest way to do this is by pausing between each couple of words and slowing down the way you speak. You only need to do this with women and it works incredibly well.

Mix things up with how you treat her

Don’t do the same old predictable things with her, try and mix things up with your approach towards her. Be very touchy feely one day and not the next, text her with funny jokes one day and don’t text her at all the next day. She needs to always be thinking “Does he actually like me or see me as a friend?”.

Act spontaneously sometimes

When you’re out with her, do something that’s unplanned and take photos whilst you do it. She needs to be thinking “Wow, this guy is so much fun”. She’ll always remember the random but fun times you had with her, which is positive.

Have options with other women

Never focus on the one woman, you should always invest time in multiple women. Why? Because you give off a totally different vibe. She will sense that you’re not desperate and that you aren’t just trying to get in her knickers… which obviously is the end goal!

Right then, that’s a bunch of simple tips and tricks to picking up women. Cool huh?

Do you have any that you want to share?

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