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Top 5 Books On How To Pick Up Women

The pickup industry as a whole has seriously blown up over the past 5 years. It started off with just a few nerds eagerly posting their success online under pseudonyms, to a thriving community of guys from all over the world looking to better their lives with women, by improving their “game”.

As a result of this community going from strength to strength, certain personalities have become well known and written ”how to” style books on the subject of picking up women.

Below are the top 5 books on how to pick up girls, based on our own personal likes and dislikes:

The Game – Neil Strauss

Released in late 2007, ‘The Game‘ quickly became a NY Times best seller and resonated in the pickup community as the ultimate PUA book. Neil Strauss is a fantastic author and wrote about his experiences he had within the secret world of pick up artists. The bok itself is written like a story, but also gives you basic tips for pulling women and techniques which he used himself.

The only issue with this book is that it does cover some techniques which are considered by some as being strange and a little geeky. Still a great read, but should definitely be taken lightly when it comes to meeting and attracting women.

The Natural – Richard La Ruina

Richard (AKA Gambler) is a rising start in the pickup world, his skills are far beyond what most guys could ever achieve and have allowed him to attract some of the most beautiful women in the world.

His book ‘The Natural‘ is his second book and is said to offer techniques and methods that he uses himself on a daily basis to meet women. Things like “forcing an IOI” which means getting attention from women in a club or busy bar, when she’s standing across the room. The techniques are definitely considered advanced though.

The Mystery Method - Erik Von Markovik

Mystery has been in the community from the beginning and is pretty much the guy who started it all. His success came when Neil Strauss wrote about him in The Game. Although his methods are seen to be a little funky, they do work for a certain kind of character, like a magician for example.

The mystery method book details a lot of Mysteries theories which he believes work very well in the real world. Our view is that they aren’t as effective as some others.

Secrets of the A Game - Logan Edwards

Secrets of the A game is a fun read and really goes in-depth on how you project a confident charismatic you. A little on the pricey side of things, but if you’re eager to give off a vibe like James Bond or a Rock Star then this is the book for you, fantastic.

Where other books focus on things like “peacocking” and “negging” this book focuses on the attributes a successful, charismatic and cool alpha male portrays naturally. If you apply everything you read in this book then you’ll most certainly become better with women.

The Art of Seduction - Robert Greene

This is an incredibly good read. The art of seduction, goes into detail on the male and female psychology which other books rarely touch on.

Where this book really shines is it goes into detail on the different types of characters that get women, like a famous guy or a comedian etc and shows you what types of qualities you need to adopt.

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