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Where To Pick Up Girls: 4 Awesome Hot Spots That Has Hoards Of Chicks

When fine tuning their game, far too many men have trouble thinking of places to pick up women. They pick the most obvious places, like a bar or busy nightclub, when in actual fact these are the WORST places for women and usually the wrong type of girls period.

So today we want to show you where to pick up girls. The types of girls that are open to conversation, polite when you speak to them and actually flirt back when you switch on the charm.

Over the years, we been to many different locations and seen some stunning women. But these are the top 4 without a doubt, women will be at your finger tips whenever you want them.

The hot spots…

Boutique clothing stores

Women love to shop right? Well then you should be going into the same places. Now you might be thinking, “erm, I have no interest in boutiques… doesn’t it look strange if I’m there trying to pick up women?”.

The honest answer is no, because you could be there for a friend for all they know.

Indoor shopping malls

In the weekday, evenings and mostly at the weekends indoor shopping malls are the best place for volume. You’ll find a ton of women in malls just satisfying their shopping desires, not aware that you’re their scoping out the talent.

Did you know that modeling scouts often go to shopping malls to look for new talent? That’s surely enough indication that they are great places to get girls.

The park (especially when hot)

In the summer time, the park is easily the best hot spot. Women are sun bathing, enjoying the sun, drinking, having a laugh with friends. It’s an amazing place to go. If you’re in London then you should either go to Hyde park or Sj. James’ park. If you’re in NYC then obviously central park is the place to be.

Coffee shop

A recent study was made by Lynx deodorant in the UK which asked women one simple question… where would you most like to be picked up or meet a guy? Options where a) nightclub b) bar c) street and d) coffee shop. Over 87% of women chose the coffee shop!! They actually go their wanting to meet a guy, how crazy is that?!

So there you have it, the best places to pick up women. Never again will you no know where to pick up girls, it’s that simple folks.

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