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5 Reasons Why You’re Absolutely Terrible In Bed

Most men are terrible in bed.

There are several reasons why they suck, so today I’m going to run through the most common reasons.

What you need to take from this is, that you must change if you want to make a woman feel incredible in bed and be known as the guy who’s great in bed… what guy wouldn’t want to be known as that?

Here’s the top 5 reasons:

You don’t care about her

Whether you’re having a one night stand, you’re in a relationship or you have a friend with benefits, it’s essential that you “care” about her. Take the time to make sure she’s enjoying the experience, listen and learn from she’s telling you.

You don’t use foreplay

For a one nighter, foreplay isn’t a big deal, especially if you’re drunk. But if you do see the girl more than once, then you need to start with around 15 to 20 minutes of foreplay, which will losen you both up and will pretty much guarantee that she orgasms.

Something like 80% of women don’t orgasm during sex, without foreplay. Madness!

You’re inpatient

Men are very selfish in the sack. They feel it’s their duty to look after themselves, not waste time and get what they want.

But this just leads to nothing, meaning you won’t get to see the girl again, because she’s experienced you before and she’ll probably bad mouth you to her friends… word spreads fast these days!

So slow down, take your time make it a good one.

You don’t listen and learn

Women have a ton of ways in which they can orgasm and enjoy sex. With this in mind, you should do whatever it takes to learn what she likes and do what she wants in the bedroom, it will seriously benefit you in the long run.

Remember, all women aren’t the same in the bedroom. So you should ask what she likes, listen carefully and make her feel amazing.

You don’t try new things

Stop being so boring and using the same moves all the time. Learn some new sexual techniques, moves and tricks that will make the experience way more exciting for the both of you.

Here’s a few things you can try to instantly make sex more enjoyable:

  • Lube – Feels incredible for both of you, the wetter the better.
  • Massage oil – Great on occasion for giving her a sensual massage.
  • The crab – Amazing sexual position for hitting the g-spot every time.

Right then, that’s your lot. Try and take the above tips on board and really apply them the next time you have sex, it will make a massive difference to your sex life dude.

What tips do you have that you swear by in the bedroom?

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